Roast Leg of Lamb with Basil, Pecorino, Garlic & Wine

Roast Leg of Lamb with Basil, Pecorino, Garlic & Wine

If you haven’t already seen our review of Diana Henry’s From The Oven To The Table, do pop back to read it. The list of recipes we want to make soon will have you salivating. In the meantime, we have permission from publishers Mitchell Beazley to share a couple of recipes from the book. Here’s ... Read more »

From The Oven To The Table by Diana Henry

From the Oven to the Table book jacket

We love cooking Diana Henry recipes, they are always so full of flavour, and easy to follow too. She’s written twelve wonderful cookery books books, including personal favourites A Bird in the Hand, and How to Eat a Peach. In her latest, From The Oven To The Table, she shares bung-it-in-the-oven recipes that are perfect for ... Read more »

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Spain

Ceramic Lizards from Gran Canaria, Spain

We’ve had several requests to publish a Spain edition of our series about the best souvenirs to buy during your travels, so here it is! Our suggestions for great buys to bring home from Spain. The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Spain Castanets | Ceramic Gecko Lizards | Espadrilles | Hand-Painted Fan | Jamon | ... Read more »

Asia | The Best Kept Secret in Chocolate

Au Lac Chocolate

Do you know where your cacao comes from? Cacao is the botanical name of the tree— Theobroma cacao— on which the chocolate fruit is grown. Before it can be turned into chocolate, the fruits must be harvested at peak ripeness. Their seeds are removed for fermenting, drying, roasting, peeling, and grinding into chocolate, a complicated ... Read more »

A Masterclass on 100% Pasture-Fed Mutton

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

“Grass-fed” is one of the descriptions I’m starting to see more frequently on beef and lamb (and mutton) in our butchers and supermarkets. But, as is often the case, this one label can cover a wide range of truths. Livestock only have to be 51% grass-fed for their meat to carry this label; the other ... Read more »

MiMi Aye’s Burmese Braised Beef Curry (Amè Hnat)

Burmese braised beef curry (by MiMi Aye)

This delicious Burmese Braised Beef Curry is an absolutely delicious recipe from MiMi Aye’s cookery book, Mandalay: Recipes and Tales from a Burmese Kitchen. A simple dish to make and packed full of flavour, this braised beef curry is a must-cook, especially for fans of coriander leaf. ... Read more »