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August’s BSFIC-meets-Random Recipes Round Up

For August’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, I joined forces with my blog sibling Dom at Belleau Kitchen for a BSFIC-Random Recipes Mashup. Instead of an ingredient or style theme, the challenge was to pick your recipe randomly and make whatever you picked. Not only was August a tricky month when it came to encouraging ... Read more »

#BSFIC Meets Random Recipes

There are many wonderful blog recipe events hosted by many wonderful blogs but one of the most fun and most successful is my friend Dominic’s Random Recipes, which he’s been running at Belleau Kitchen for the last few years. Setting a different theme each month, Dom’s event is all about encouraging us to pick up ... Read more »

July BSFIC: Holiday Memories

June’s fruity #BSFIC round up will be a little late, as I’m currently away on holiday. As soon as I’m back, I’ll get the round up finished and posted. In the mean time, I’m throwing this month’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream challenge wide open by asking you to create an ice cream inspired by ... Read more »

June BSFIC: Delicious Fruit

Summer is here and with it a bounty of delicious fruit. Not only is home-grown fruit fantastic at this time of year, imported tropical delights are also available. Although I’m still in mourning over the ban on import of fresh alphonso mangoes, I shall certainly make the most of the abundance all around me. And ... Read more »

May BSFIC: Inspired By Hot Drinks

Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream is a monthly blogger challenge inviting fellow bloggers to create an ice cream (or sorbet, froyo, ice lolly…) to a given theme. It’s open to all bloggers anywhere in the world and you are welcome to participate for just one challenge, a few or all of them! The theme for ... Read more »

August & September BSFIC: Chasing The Ice Cream Van

Many of us have an almost Pavlovian response to the music of the ice cream van; a collective memory leading to a shared reaction… First we catch the distinctive trill far in the distance. Suddenly alert, our ears strain to work out the direction of travel. Each time the music stops, we enviously envisage kids ... Read more »

June & July BSFIC: Herbs

Last year we did Spices, now it’s time for herbs! Defined (culinarily) as the leafy green parts of a plant, either fresh or dried, herbs are usually used in small amounts to provide flavour or seasoning. They are distinct from spices, which are most commonly a product of the seeds, berries, roots, bark, flowers and ... Read more »

April BSFIC: Baked Alaska

As a child of the seventies, I can’t help but love a bit of retro… and Baked Alaska is definitely one retro classic that deserves a more central place in the modern repertoire. Of course, Baked Alaska (also known as glace au four and Norwegian omelette) wasn’t invented in the 1970s! Wiki tells me the ... Read more »

BSFIC: A Year Of Themes (February & March)

I can hardly believe that Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream has been going a year, but it’s true – the first challenge was set back in February 2012 and we’ve had 12 great months of frozen treats since then. To celebrate the milestone, I’m setting an unusual challenge this month. You can pick any theme ... Read more »