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Travel Quote Tuesday | Samantha Shannon

Those of us who are able to travel are favoured by immense good fortune. We have been born into countries where our economies and lifestyles allow us to earn sufficient disposable income to afford to travel, into societies where travel is encouraged and recognised as a worthwhile and enjoyable pursuit, and into an era when ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Kahlil Gibran

Sometimes you visit a place and love it so much, you don’t want to leave! Where is that place for you? For me, I’ve felt like that about many places. For the last few years, it’s been Japan – Kyoto in particular, which we’ve now spent a total of 18 nights in but still want ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Susan Sontag

I come from a family that loves to travel. When I was a child we went on the most wonderful holidays – some to familiar British summer holiday favourites in Cornwall, Devon and Norfolk and others exploring the great cities of Europe, visiting relatives in India and the USA, going on safaris in Africa, touring ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Leigh Hunt

I wrote recently about what it means to me to travel with my husband Pete. As long as I’m in his company I’m happier, stronger when facing whatever the world throws at me and in the best mindset to enjoy everything we see and do and experience. It’s like bringing the essence of home along ... Read more »