Free Range v. Organic Chickens: The Test

There can’t be many who aren’t aware of the horrors of battery farming at it’s worst. Thousands of birds crammed into vast sheds – often windowless with artificial lights on 24/7; their movements completely restricted; their bodies pumped full of growth hormones to speed up the production cycle. And goodness knows what they’re fed on! ... Read more »

Student Days: The UItimate Student Cookbook

The Ultimate Student Coobook by Fiona Beckett

Although I cooked quite a lot as a student, it was longer ago than I’d care to admit and it’s hard to think back to what it was like coping with a student budget, restricted space and equipment and a desire to spend less time in the kitchen and more in the student union! I ... Read more »

Boneless Leg of Lamb Braised in Red Wine With Garlic

Anyone who’s visited Niamh (eatlikeagirl)’s stall at the Covent Garden Real Food Market over the last couple of months may well have salivated over her delicious slow-roasted pork or lamb served in home-made blaas (bread buns) with home-made condiments. Recently, she’s resolved her meat sourcing difficulties by turning to online farmer’s market, Paganum, purveyor of ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Leong’s Legend

I’ve been wistfully reading many reviews and tweets about Leong’s Legend over recent months and been meaning to visit for quite some time. So I was really pleased to be able to make my first visit with regular customer, Helen, the lady behind one of my favourite blogs, World Foodie Guide. Leong’s Legend, Macclesfield Street, ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Jun Tanaka’s Pearl

Last year, my sister and I enjoyed a wonderful meal out for our birthday. We decided to do the same again this year. Jun Tanaka has appeared in a number of TV cookery shows and I have always been impressed by his quiet, focused energy and his creative cooking style so this year my sister ... Read more »

Green Tomato & Raisin Chutney

Having made jam (and marmalade, pickles, chutneys and ketchups) for the first time ever in August, I’ve really caught the preserving bug. And it’s proving to be a perfect way to use and store our home-grown vegetables. We planted our tomatoes out a little late this year so, although the yield has been fantastic, most ... Read more »

Pierre Koffmann’s Pop-Up Restaurant at Selfridges

When I first heard about Pierre Koffmann’s pop-up restaurant I was very excited! Koffmann is a living legend and, as part of the London Restaurant Festival, he is running a restaurant on the roof of Selfridges. Having never dined at La Tante Claire, I was really keen not to miss out. Unfortunately, the festival week ... Read more »

DIY Graze box

A couple of months ago, I signed up to try Graze, a company who send out tasty fruit, nut and seed-based snacks, conveniently packaged into handy little packets that can be enjoyed throughout the day. graze box It’s a nice idea and appeals to those looking for a healthier, more interesting alternative to that mid-morning ... Read more »

Traditional Neapolitan Cuisine at Donna Margherita

When I accepted the PR invite for a review visit to Donna Margherita several weeks ago, I didn’t realise how many blog posts would already have been made by fellow bloggers by the time our visit came to pass. A busy diary, combined with the owner’s holiday schedule, meant we were unable to visit until ... Read more »

Mango & Lime Jam

It’s always nice when friends show both imagination and an understanding of what you’re about when choosing gifts for you, so I was touched by the gift of a box of 6 fat red-green mangoes as part of an anniversary present last weekend. (Don’t worry, these friends know us both well, the present included a ... Read more »