Off The Cuff Port, Shropshire Blue and Cream Sauce

Just thought I’d share a very simple steak sauce I made on Saturday night … I made it up as I went but it came out very well. I used a flat-bottomed and heavy-based cast aluminium pan that I allowed to get really hot before cooking the rump steaks (oiled the meat not the pan) ... Read more »

I’ve finally found a beer for Kaveys!

I was working at a client site on Friday; Pete was at home. In our emails discussing what to have for dinner Pete mentioned that he’d gone to the Tallyho pub for lunch at that they had a beer festival on and did I fancy going there for dinner. I am not usually keen as ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Moti Mahal, London (3rd Visit)

Toptable had an offer giving 50% off the £30 set menu at Moti Mahal so I booked it for dinner with a friend last night. My friend arrived first and was waiting in the little seating area next to the bar. We took the bowl of spiced cashew nuts they bought over with our drinks ... Read more »

Variation on Angela Nilsen’s Carrot and Coriander Soup

On the way to somewhere else we passed a farm shop and popped in for a quick look. We ended up buying a huge bag of carrots for £2. I think about 4 or 5 kilos! Coincidentally, last weekend we picked up The Ultimate Recipe Book by Angela Nilsen, featuring a rather handy Carrot and ... Read more »

The Ultimate Recipe Book by Angela Nilsen

A few days ago I picked up a copy (for less than half price) of The Ultimate Recipe Book produced by the BBC Good Food magazine, written by Angela Nilsen. I read almost all of it through the same night. Nilsen has picked 50 classic recipes and not only researched the history of each one ... Read more »

Kitchen Equipment Geeks

Pete and I are definitely becoming kitchen equipment geeks. Hence this long and rambling post about our new pans, ice-cream machine and food processor! A few weeks ago we (well, Pete mostly) decided we wanted to replace several of our very aged and cheap pans with some really decent new ones. We weren’t fussed about ... Read more »

Very Mini Restaurant Review: Mestizo, nr Warren Street, London

On Monday I met a friend for dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Mestizo which was an interesting experience. Not the nicest of immediate locales, though perfectly safe and only a 2 minute walk from Warren Street tube station. The food was better than most Mexican I’ve tried in the UK (which is ... Read more »

My Dough Elephant from La Lotta

Our favourite local Italian restaurant, La Lotta, is practically our second home – we go there far too often. 🙂 Bob, the manager, is very good with kids and often invites the younger ones to make things from a piece of pizza dough which he then cooks in the pizza oven and either lets them ... Read more »

Blue Slushy Rocks!

Taken on New Year’s Day after slurping a lovely blue slushy! I know it’s not sharp but I was holding the camera infront of my face and just guessing and probably moved during exposure! ... Read more »