Any friend of Alphonso the Mango is a friend of mine!

I adore alphonso mangoes, I really do! I’ve loved them as long as I can remember and they come right at the very top of my (very long) list of favourite foods. They used to be harder to find in the UK when I was a kid but these days, not only does nearly every ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Konstam at the Prince Albert

Having occasionally caught snatches of The Urban Chef series back in 2006, I was aware of OIiver Rowe’s project to serve food made from locally-sourced ingredents, within Greater London if possible, in his King’s Cross restaurant. I was intrigued by the idea but, whilst I didn’t dismiss it as a gimmick as did some contemporary ... Read more »

Real Fast Stroganov!

Pete first cooked the quick and easy Beef Stroganov from Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food several months ago. I liked it so much I wanted him to cook it the very next night but he’s kept me hanging till tonight. It was just as delicious as I remembered. Yes, I know it’s odd to serve ... Read more »

First attempt using a slow cooker: Close, But No Cigar!

I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker for quite a while. They seem to be going through a resurgence, perhaps in response to the recession and the growing interest in cooking cheaper cuts of meat slow and long, perhaps just because it’s time for this fashion to come around again. Certainly, I’ve been reading ... Read more »

Hot Cross Buns!

We’d only made hot cross buns once before and, to be honest, they were disappointing. The texture of the bread just wasn’t right let alone the spicing and balance of fruit. This time, I decided to find a tried and tested recipe from one of the knowledgable posters on the BBC Food Chat board. When ... Read more »

Sunshine in a tiny sphere: muscat grapes for breakfast!

I love fruit. Grapes are one of my favourites and perfectly ripe muscat grapes are one of the best! Seedless muscat grapes I bought a large bunch of seedless muscat grapes from M&S yesterday, ignoring my usual preference not to buy fruit and veg produce from further afield than Europe unless it’s something that’s simply ... Read more »

South Bank Chocolate Festival

On Thursday evening I went to the Guardian’s WoM Chocolate Tasting Event, which I blogged recently. At that event I met, amongst others, Petra a.k.a. Choc Star, who told me about the Chocolate Festival happening this weekend at the Southbank Centre. She would be there, with her Choc Star van, as would many other chocolate ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Las Iguanas, Southbank, London

Las Iguanas is located next to the Southbank Centre, looking out over the Thames River and within a few hundred yards of the London Eye. It’s in the heart of tourist town and the majority of it’s customers are most probably tourists. And it’s part of a chain. The menu promises “fresh latin food lovingly ... Read more »

Choctastic! WoM’s Chocolate Tasting Event!

I’ve just got home from the Guardian Word of Mouth Blog’s free chocolate tasting event for some of it’s lucky readers. The first such event they’ve run, the invitation was in the form of a blog post from Susan Smillie, WoM editor, and wasn’t open long as interest was keen! Luckily, I got in fast ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Yahe Garden, North Finchley (N12), London

What was previously a rather mediocre chinese restaurant near our house has re-opened (having been closed for refurbishment for several weeks) with new name and new owners and staff. It’s now called the Yahe Gardens and it’s rather good. We first went in for lunch 2-3 weeks ago, on a day when we were both ... Read more »