Weekend spoils from our back garden “allotment”

Shortly after getting home from Wales on Friday we checked out our plants in garden and greenhouse. All had been kindly watered by our neighbour John. We found the first three ripe tomatoes on one of the three tomato plants in the greenhouse and ate them surrounded by that wonderful smell of tomato plants! Every ... Read more »

“Picnics? Bah! Humbug” I don’t think so!

The author of this post in the Guardian’s Word of Mouth food blog posits that picnics are a disappointment. I’m afraid I had to disagree, not to mention provide a comparison to the Indian take on eating outdoors. Here’s what I posted as a comment to that article: “Ha! If you think the Brits have ... Read more »

Gordon Ramsay let me down!

I’ve been meaning to try a “proper” ragu recipe for ages, especially with the regular threads that pop about such recipes on a food chat board I visit. Yesterday I looked through the recipes recommended there and also googled and narrowed it down to two recipe choices: Gordon Ramsay’s Slow-braised ragù Bolognese fxcuisine’s Serious Ragù ... Read more »

A free 1274 grams of Edzell Blue potatoes!

Last year the variety of potatoes we grew was Edzell Blue. We must have left one or two tiny spuds unharvested as we’ve been watching with glee as some rather large and verdant potato foliage emerged in last year’s potato location. Pete harvested them today and we have 1274 grams of beautiful purple-skinned potatoes! We’ll ... Read more »

Yay! First home-grown produce of 2008 for dinner!

Tonight we ate our first home-grown produce of 2008 – a lovely small yellow courgette. We just had a simple salad (having eaten a big lunch) with cos lettuce, baby plum tomatoes, sliced dry-fried red pepper and a “dressing” which was actually just the extra low fat creme fraiche with some french mustard mixed in. ... Read more »

Off The Cuff Port, Shropshire Blue and Cream Sauce

Just thought I’d share a very simple steak sauce I made on Saturday night … I made it up as I went but it came out very well. I used a flat-bottomed and heavy-based cast aluminium pan that I allowed to get really hot before cooking the rump steaks (oiled the meat not the pan) ... Read more »

I’ve finally found a beer for Kaveys!

I was working at a client site on Friday; Pete was at home. In our emails discussing what to have for dinner Pete mentioned that he’d gone to the Tallyho pub for lunch at that they had a beer festival on and did I fancy going there for dinner. I am not usually keen as ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Moti Mahal, London (3rd Visit)

Toptable had an offer giving 50% off the £30 set menu at Moti Mahal so I booked it for dinner with a friend last night. My friend arrived first and was waiting in the little seating area next to the bar. We took the bowl of spiced cashew nuts they bought over with our drinks ... Read more »