The Cookies Of Dreams: Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The weekend before last, while Pete went to the Reading Beer Festival with friends, my sister and I had lunner (lunch-dinner) in China Town before sitting open-jawed infront of the spectacle of Oliver, on stage. The next day my sister and I made chocolate chip cookies for her boyfriend. My sister was particularly keen to ... Read more »

The Real Food Festival 2009: Kavey’s Winners

Thanks to winning tickets from Simon at Dos Hermanos Pete and I headed down to Earl’s Court bright and early on Friday morning to check out hundreds of small-scale food and drink producers from all over the UK. We walked and tasted our way around the show for a whopping 7.5 hours and, with some ... Read more »

Mayan Magic: Making My Own Chocolate!

Courtesy of the very generous Kieran & Jake at The Chocolution and the lovely Julia, veteran UK food blogger and founder of the UKFBA, I recently received a beautiful Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit in the post. A slightly rainy bank holiday Monday seemed the ideal day to hide inside from the weather and get to ... Read more »

Strawberries & Cream!

Although many may call me a philistine, I like my strawberries with sugar and cream, even when they’re perfectly ripe and sweet! My usual preference is to chop them, stir them into some thick, unctuous cream and mix in some sugar to help draw out their juices. I then leave them in the fridge a ... Read more »

Simple (& Tasty) Chicken Risotto

Another pictureless post again, I’m afraid, sorry! On Sunday night we made the simplest of risottos from Saturday’s slow cooker chicken and some of the (first round) stock. We used just four Ingredients – arborio rice, butter, the homemade stock (watered down a touch as it was so thick and gelatinous) and the chicken meat ... Read more »

I wish life were like *this* box of chocolates! (Now with feedback)

On Thursday evening, before heading to Konstam at the Prince Albert for dinner, I made a pilgremage to Paul A Young’s shop in Camden Passage, Islington. (This is the chocolatier whose wonderful sweet basil ganache truffles I so admired at that chocolate tasting event a couple of weeks ago). Throwing restraint out of the window ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: The Green Dragon Pub, Barnet

Looking for a nice lunch stop between home and Willows Farm Village (which we visited on Saturday to check out custom-made wrought iron gates for the new front garden wall) we decided to stop at The Green Dragon. We’d been once before and enjoyed the good quality grub and thought we’d see what they had ... Read more »

Second Slow Cooker Trial A Huge Success!

I recently blogged about my first attempt using a slow cooker which didn’t come out quite as well as I hoped. I tried again yesterday and this time, I was delighted with the results. Yesterday morning I put into the slow cooker crockpot some chopped onions and carrots, a number of bayleaves and a small ... Read more »

Any friend of Alphonso the Mango is a friend of mine!

I adore alphonso mangoes, I really do! I’ve loved them as long as I can remember and they come right at the very top of my (very long) list of favourite foods. They used to be harder to find in the UK when I was a kid but these days, not only does nearly every ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Konstam at the Prince Albert

Having occasionally caught snatches of The Urban Chef series back in 2006, I was aware of OIiver Rowe’s project to serve food made from locally-sourced ingredents, within Greater London if possible, in his King’s Cross restaurant. I was intrigued by the idea but, whilst I didn’t dismiss it as a gimmick as did some contemporary ... Read more »