Cheese is the champion! My script from the food debate…

I recently took part in a food debate organised by an online foodie friend, James, to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. To my complete and utter shock, I won! Epoisses Here’s the script I scribbled that afternoon, in preparation for the first round. “I’m going to completely put aside the consideration of what ... Read more »

Le Vacherin: French bistro cooking in Chiswick, London

Although it’s not our normal stomping ground, we popped down to Chiswick to meet friends for dinner the night before we left for our holiday in the Falklands (in late January). On a Monday night, the restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived promptly for our 7.30 booking but we were shown to a lovely ... Read more »

Tea & Kitsch at Maison Bertaux

Looking for somewhere to meet for a casual afternoon tea in central London, my twitter and blogger friends came through with the suggestion of Maison Bertaux in Soho’s Greek Street. A quick google revealed a french-style patisserie with a good reputation for delicious goodies and the location fit perfectly so I met a friend there ... Read more »

A Lot Of Lunch For Your Loot @ Launceston Place

Taking a sabbatical from working life means that Pete and I have been able to indulge in that most gratifying treat – the long, lingering lunch at somewhere a step above the normal workaday lunch stop. Last month, one of those we chose to visit was Launceston Place. Not only had I read plenty of ... Read more »

Jamming With Carla!

Somehow, in the space of less than a year, I’ve transformed into an earnest WI type before my own eyes. That’s not an insult to Women’s Institute members – I think local social clubs offering talks, cookery demonstrations, craft workshops and cake cook-offs are actually pretty cool*. But I have in mind here the (no ... Read more »

Chicken, Spring Onion & Mushroom Pie

For many years, my username on some sites has been Kaveypie, rather than Kavey. That’s all down to my having introduced the members of one particular website to the delights of Weebl & Bob, back when the cartoon had just a couple of episodes to it’s name. “Mmmmm, Pie!” became a common refrain and I ... Read more »

The Ultimate Macaroni Cheese With Bacon

When Fiona threw down the cheese gauntlet with her Ultimate Macaroni Cheese Challenge, I could not resist! Macaroni cheese is a dish I adore and, like so many, have very fond childhood memories of. And yet, I hadn’t made it for years and years and years. What an oversight! Such neglect meant I didn’t have ... Read more »

Comté Baked Eggs

So! Eggs then. One of the most versatile ingredients available to us and one of my personal favourites and yet, I’ve shown such a lack of imagination in using them. Yes, I enjoy them boiled, fried, scrambled and as omelettes. Yes, I have made eggy quiches and flans. And yes, I use them plentifully in ... Read more »

Michel Roux’s Mini Scotch Eggs

For Christmas, I bought Pete a cast iron mincer. It was an inexpensive (and rather heavy and large) stocking filler which I bought in a charity sale, boxed and brand new. But I had no idea if would even work let alone work well. So I was happy to find a recipe that allowed us ... Read more »