Creamy, Dreamy Paneer Malai

You know how people sometimes talk about second generation immigrants as slightly lost souls – neither entirely comfortable in the land from whence their parents came nor completely integrated into the land of their birth? Well, that’s not me. I was born in London in the early seventies to two doctors who emigrated from India ... Read more »

Pickled Gherkins, How I Love Thee!

I have always loved pickled gherkins. Many’s the time I’ve come to the chagrined realisation, as I munch one straight from the jar, then another and then one more, that I have eaten an entire jar in one sitting! Over the last several years, Pete and I have gradually converted our back garden into what ... Read more »

The Scandinavian Kitchen: Swedish Cheese Tart

People often ask me about trends in food. And usually, I stutter and stall as panic shuts my brain down and all thoughts of the various fads, trends, infatuations, developments (call them what you will) that I’ve happily been discussing with fellow food-loving friends flee from my mind. But one thing that I’m pleased to ... Read more »

Trumpeting a little less loudly… La Trompette

Waaaay back in May it was Pete’s birthday. He’s entered his 40th year (ok, technically it was only his 39th birthday) so a little celebration was in order. Thanks to a tip off, I learned about the brewery tours at Fuller’s, over in Chiswick and secretly booked us into their morning tour. Looking for suitable ... Read more »

Guest Post: Mango, Date & Chilli Chutney by Gareth Groves

Gareth Groves is an ex-Chef turned wine merchant who is now Communications Manager at Bibendum. His best man once described him as a man who uses breakfast as an opportunity to think about lunch. Part of his job is to manage social media for Bibendum, so he spends a bit of time on twitter, where ... Read more »

The Three Horseshoes, Powerstock, Dorset

It’s amazing how many blog posts I’ve still left to write from our short trip to Dorset at the end of May. I’ve already blogged the foraging course around which the weekend away was arranged, our meal at Hix Oyster & Fish House, another at The Wild Garlic and even shared what we cooked with ... Read more »

Swedish Meatballs With Vodka

Snowflakes and Schnapps by Jane Lawson has a Scandinavian feel about it, focused as it is on hearty dishes with a winter theme. But actually, Australian-born Lawson covers a much wider swathe of Europe in this tome. The book’s blurb invites us to “Join Jane Lawson as she takes you on a culinary journey through ... Read more »