Review | Oxo Good Grips Mandolin Slicer & Angled Measuring Jug

I was recently invited to review some products from The Oxo Good Grips range. I’ve used and purchased some of the kitchen utensils before, and really like the well-designed handles, which are both easy to grip and ergonomically comfortable to hold. I chose to review their mandolin slicer and an angled measuring jug.

Oxo Mandolin Slicer

One tool I’ve never used before is a mandolin slicer. I love the idea of slicing fruit and vegetables quickly and evenly but I’ve always been scared of the sharp blades, and the thought of slicing my fingers right along with the fruit and veg. Given how easy and safe I’ve found their other tools, I decided that if I was going to give a mandolin a chance, the Oxo Good Grips one would be a good one to try.

MandolinDauphinoise-1617 MandolinDauphinoise-1619 MandolinDauphinoise-1618

Larger than I expected, it’s a sturdy device; once the non-slip legs are folded into place it feels reassuringly robust, with no worrying wobbles. A handle at one side makes it easy to hold too, though actually, I found it didn’t have any tendency to move during operation anyway.

There are curvy and straight blades for slicing, and julienne blades for cutting sticks; the blades are easy to insert (and remove) and you can adjust how thick you would like your slices.

The food holder does a good job of holding fruit and vegetables securely and keeping your hands well away from the blades. To my delight, I found it really easy to use, not at all scary as I’d imagined, and quick to dismantle and wash too. (The blades need to be hand washed but the main body of the slicer, and the food holder are both dishwasher safe).

As it’s quite bulky, it will take up a fair bit of space in storage, even with the legs folded flat, but it’s definitely earned its place in our kitchen cupboard.

Oxo have updated their models since I reviewed this device. The Oxo Good Grips Chef’s 2.0 Mandolin is available from Amazon.

Oxo Angled Measuring Jug

image from Oxo website

The other item I chose was an angled measuring jug. Mine holds 1 litre but they are also available in smaller sizes from 1 cup to half a litre. The plastic jug has a comfortable, soft, non-slip handle and is dishwasher safe. But the clever bit is the angled measuring units. Usually I find myself setting a measuring jug onto the work surface and then bending down low to read the units on the side, as I carefully pour in the contents. The angled measurement units let me pour contents in whilst being able to easily read the volume from above. No more bending is definitely better for my back.

The Oxo Good Grips Angled Measuring Jug is available in 60 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre versions from Amazon.

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124 Comments to "Review | Oxo Good Grips Mandolin Slicer & Angled Measuring Jug"

  1. Dominic

    That dauphinoise looks stunning. Lovely idea to layer in the caramelised onions. I actually have a jar of onions I could make this with and even though it’s only 8:15am I want those potatoes now!

  2. Jane Willis

    My favourite is Dauphinoise too but I sometimes ring the changes by using butternut squash, parsnips, celeriac, sweet potatoes or a mixture.

  3. Fiona

    Dauphinoise for me too, I cannot resist it! I always use a lot of garlic in mine, sometimes nutmeg, and often fresh flat leaf parsley, although I think I will try your idea with the onion now you have mentioned it, it sounds heavenly!
    Fiona 🙂

  4. Catherine

    Layered fruit set in a Pimms jelly. Mmmmm Dauphinoise is such a comfort food, lots of root veggies bagged together. At christmas I made a potato dauphiniose but added leftover turhey and ham to the layers too.

  5. Sue

    I find a mandoline invaluable when making my family’s favourite Potato Boulangere or Dauphinoise

  6. miss mouse

    So many favourites already mentioned, however a mandolin is essential for coleslaw, those lovely thin slithers of cabbage, yum.

  7. Lucy Pasifull

    My favourite is Hot Pot! I married a man from Lancashire and spent hours making him one thinking it would be a taste of home. Turned out he had never eaten one before!

  8. Isabel O'Brien

    I like the sliced potatoes where you coat them in a crispy sort of batter stuff and bake them. I don’t know if they have a particular name though.

  9. Maxine

    Spaghetti Aglio e olio with lots and lots of wafer thin garlic! (not to be eaten on a work night!)

  10. Vicky Cole

    I follow at @smith2cole and I love to make coleslaw I think it’s so much nicer made yourself

  11. Stuart Payne

    I love to slice apples and put them in puff pasty shaped as a pasty, then to finish I coat the cooked pasties in icing.

  12. Caroline Hambleton

    My favourite is sliced leeks, shallow fried then covered in cream and black pepper.

  13. Angela McDonald

    Has to be traditional apple pie with sliced freshly-picked apples!
    A perfect autumnal treat!

  14. helen milner

    My favourite is Easy Caramelised Onion & Potato Dauphinoise Recipe, tried it and its gorgeous, thank you

  15. Pamela Cook

    A simple tomato and cucumber salad – sliced neatly and arranged in concentric rings, dressed with a light French dressing and sprinkled with chopped chives, this is always appreciated!

  16. Tanya Arjun

    It has to be Caramelised Onion & Potato Dauphinoise Recipe looks easy to make with Oxo Mandoline Slicer

  17. Jane Barrett

    I love to make veggie crisps for my little ones, they are healthy and tasty. Following on Twitter

  18. alison reid

    recently saw Jamie Oliver slice some raw beetroot, drizzle with balsamic and a few other bits of seasoning, and just eat them, looked so good…would love to give them a try

  19. Stokey Sue

    I love many of the things already mentioned , especialy potatoes boulangere, including the variations with layers of leek, celeriac, or parsnip

    But the first thing I’d do with a mandoline would be to get a ridge cucumber, and make “proper” cucmber salad, thinly sliced, disgorged with salt, and dressed with dill

  20. Natalie White

    My favourite is also dauphinoise – my Dad does the best EVER and every time I visit home he makes it forme… he even makes it for Christmas dinner!

  21. Chevaune Stanley

    That looks yummy!! A mandoline would help me make Leek and Tattie soup in a flash. Ideal for these colder days! 😉

  22. sue walsh


  23. Andrew Halliwell

    Has to be apple pie. Bramley apples, bit of sugar covered in sweet shortcrust pastry and shoved in the oven…

    Add a bit of cream and it’s heaven.

  24. Jenny Smurthwaite

    My favourite is Dauphinoise – I add smoked mackerel to it for an extra Omega 3 kick

  25. Esther Lewis

    For me, one of two recipes: either sweet potato dauphinoise or Thai green papaya salad. Yum!!

  26. Sarah

    I have a microwave crisp maker that makes lovely low fat crisps out of very thinly sliced potatoes. The mandoline looks the perfect tool for slicing the potatoes thinly enough.

  27. Hannah Beadle

    I do love Dauphinoise potatoes but a little naughty for the waistline, My favourite food of all time is Mousaka but made with courgettes rather than aubergines, my mum calls it stuffed courgettes which I have never understood because they are sliced lol


    Has to be coleslaw made with a mandoline – my cousin has one and always makes a huge batch of homemade coleslaw and brings it to family barbeques. Everyone always comments on it! xoxo

  29. Sue Jackson

    Homemade coleslaw – white cabbage, red cabbage, lots of carrot and onion, mayo and mustard seeds. mmm. 🙂

  30. Massuma Sultana

    Sliced vegetable bake 😀 Simple and yummy perfect for all including students lyk me !!

  31. Rennene Hartland

    Easy Caramelised Onion & Potato Dauphinoise Recipe – Going to use this at christmas

  32. Melanie Booth

    My favourite recipe made with sliced vegetables is my beef and caramelised shallot hotpot- it’s got a big generous topping of thinly sliced potatoes on top of a bubbly rich beefy filling. You use loads of butter in between layers of the potato, so they go crispy in the oven, lovely!

  33. Joy

    Dutch apple tart, mum used to make this every Friday when we were kids, used to look forward to the end of the week!

  34. Galina

    Hi, I could never find on your blog where you announce winners of the comps. I keep coming back to the same page, and can’t see anything. Did a search without any success


    Hi Galina I usually just do a round up now and then.
    The winners for this competition were contacted directly, but I’ll edit to add their names to the bottom of the post.


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