Novelty Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

One for the Star Wars fans, this – an X-Wing Knife Block – created by bluw to celebrate the release of the seventh film later this year.

Starwars Knife Block (c)KavitaFavelle-8106 Starwars Knife Block (c)KavitaFavelle-8111
Starwars Knife Block (c)KavitaFavelle-8108 Starwars Knife Block (c)KavitaFavelle-8114

The officially licensed set contains an X-Wing shaped knife block with five stainless steel knives – a bread knife, a carving knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a cook’s knife. Each knife has a protection sheath that it slots into.

The block is frustratingly flimsy – you have to hold it with one hand to pull a knife from it with the other and the knives are very lightweight too; it’ll be interesting to see how long they last. This is much more of a novelty gift than a serious kitchen set, I’d say. However, I can’t help but smile at the idea, regardless. Prices vary considerably from £48.99 to £79.99 so it’s worth shopping around, if you want to buy one.

Kavey Eats received a product sample from bluw.

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19 Comments to "Novelty Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block"

  1. Jane Willis

    I spotted one of these the other day and snapped it up for a Christmas present (Christmas shopping in March? When you spot the perfect present, it has to be done!) but I was amazed at the wide range of prices. I don’t suppose the knives will be great, but it’s a fun present for a Star wars fan

  2. kaveyeats

    Yes, for the price, I’d have liked a much sturdier base, at the very least.

  3. Adam

    Love this product! It’s currently on sale at The Fowndry…

    Unbelievably cool.

  4. kaveyeats

    Yes, very random, and fun to have it on the blog, as I’m a big sci-fi books / TV / film.

  5. Jen

    Shame it doesn’t seem to be brilliant quality and odd that prices vary so much but I still think my OH would probably like this as it might encourage him to do more cooking!


    It’s very cool, but yes for the price, it’s a shame it’s not less flimsy — it’s not so cheap that they couldn’t have made it more robust. It’s fun, for sure, but not hugely practical.

  6. kaveyeats

    Me too and yes, a lost opportunity. I guess they’re operating on the assumption that it will mostly be bought as a gift and rarely for oneself, in which case it’s the idea more than the quality that wins the sales…

  7. Douglas Brown

    Alright now this is legitimately one of the coolest items I have ever seen. My wife happens to be a big Star Wars fan too, so I think I could actually convince her to get this! As you said, this clearly looks like more of a novelty gift, than something that would actually be used. That’s perfect for us though, because we want to decorate our kitchen too.


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