My Hallowe’en Courgette

You’ve seen my (first ever) Hallowe’en Pumpkin.


Now, please put your hands together for my Hallowe’en Courgette!

We grow courgettes in our back garden most years and usually choose the spherical yellow ones, just because they’re a bit different.

This little guy, though much smaller than most carving pumpkins, was a little long in the tooth for eating, so Pete suggested I might like to carve him à la pumpkin!

To my surprise, he was much tougher to carve than the pumpkin – his skin was really hard to pierce and saw through. So I’m glad I went for a simple design (which I chose because of his small size).

What do you think? Will it catch on? 🙂


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7 Comments to "My Hallowe’en Courgette"

  1. Celia

    A spooky bat! Well done! Did you know a carving pumpkin (as opposed to one grown for eating) sells for $20 at the markets here? It's just not a big tradition in Australia, but if we could carve squash, maybe that would be different (they're cheaper!). 🙂

  2. Kavey

    Suze, I love the photos you tweeted of your demonic pepper!

    Meem, thank you but we all know who gets the prize for world's best pumpkin carver EVER! 🙂

    Dom, ha, yes I thought people might expect that – it's good to confound expectations!

    Celia, try a turnip or a different gourd or squash! Am sure it would work!


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