Just Eat: The Digital Revolution Replaces That Pile of Takeaway Leaflets

A food blog will rarely give a full picture of a blogger’s eating habits, not least because of repetition of favourite recipes, which are cooked often but only blogged once, naturally.

But the other reason is that we seldom blog takeaways. I’m sure a few bloggers do, now and then. And I imagine there are even a few blogs dedicated to nothing but  takeaways. But most of us tend to ignore, in our writing, the nights in with a delivered pizza, Indian or Chinese.

Pete and I have always enjoyed takeaways, no doubt too many of them when we were younger, though we eat fewer of them these days. Pizza, Indian, Chinese… yes and also Thai, Turkish / kebabs and fish’n’chips.

Where once we used to call to place an order, and swear darkly when we realised we’d lost the leaflet (with both menu and phone number) of the place we’d fancied on a particular evening, these days we go online. Phone orders were always my job but when the digital revolution happened, Pete took over.

He’s been using Just Eat to place our orders for several months now, and has found it very convenient. After entering your postcode, the site provides a list of all the restaurants it has on its books which make deliveries to your address. You can easily filter these by cuisine and sort them by which are closest to you or which have the highest user ratings.


The site takes into account which are open at the time you access the site, and lists those first. You can choose to also view those that are closed, with many allowing you to pre-order for when they do open.


Click on a restaurant to view the full menu and use the straightforward “+” buttons to build your order. It’s easy enough to cancel something if you make an error or change your mind.


Many restaurants also list special offers, such as free items based on the value of your order, though read carefully as some require you to make mention of these in the comments field to claim them.

Ordering online means you can pay with a card, which makes life easier if you don’t have the cash to hand.

There are weaknesses – when I usually order from a favourite Indian place, I ask them to make me an egg curry; it’s not on the menu but they are always happy to make it for me. There’s (quite fairly) no mechanism to do this online, as there’s no way to establish a price and include it in the payment. And some restaurants have forgotten to include their drinks offerings online so if you fancy the beer or cola you usually add to your order, you’re stuck! Both fairly minor issues.

Payment is straightforward, but do make sure you wait until the order is confirmed. As the Just Eat system needs to send for and receive confirmation from the restaurant, this does take a little more time than we’re used to in today’s world of click and confirm a second later.

The subjectof the confirmation email put a smile on my face by thanking me for not cooking!

One reason takeaway reviews don’t much feature on blogs is that they’re definitely not photogenic, as you can see.


However, this takeaway from local Xian restaurant was excellent. Xian is the priciest of the Chinese takeaways in our area, by some margin, but the food is good and worth the extra.

Given the sheer cost of printing and delivering regularly updated takeaway leaflets through the doors of all their catchment neighbourhoods, I’m guessing that local restaurants are very glad of increased custom via sites such as this. From our point of view, we’ve found it more convenient too.




Just Eat have offered one lucky Kavey Eats reader a £50 credit voucher to use on their site, so you can enjoy a great local takeaway on them!

Their coverage across the UK is excellent. Type your postcode in to see if they list any restaurants in your local area.



You can enter the competition in 3 ways:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, telling me which kind of takeaway is your favourite and why.

Entry 2 – Facebook

Like the Kavey Eats Facebook and leave a (separate) comment on this blog post with your Facebook user name.

Entry 3 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter!
Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win £50 to use on @JustEatUK from Kavey Eats! http://goo.gl/TusfM #KaveyEatsJustEat
(Please do not add my twitter handle into the tweet; I track entries using the hashtag. And you don’t need to leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)



  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 26th July 2013.
  • The winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • The prize is £50 credit to use against one or more orders placed on the http://www.just-eat.co.uk/ website.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Just Eat.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Facebook entry per person only. You do not have to enter all three ways for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. For Facebook entries, winners must Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page at time of notification.
  • Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Facebook. If no response is received within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats received a credit to cover a complimentary order from Just Eat.

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378 Comments to "Just Eat: The Digital Revolution Replaces That Pile of Takeaway Leaflets"

  1. Simon Taylor

    We just love our local Nepalese restaurant “Everest” in Farnborough. Always fresh, something a bit different from the ‘normal’ indian restaurants. Lovely people too.

  2. Gill Bland

    I really like vietnamese Pho. I think it’s because it has all the nice things of takeaway (it’s made for you and it’s something that’s never quite the same if you make it yourself) but none of the unhealthyness guilt.

  3. Jane Willis

    My favourite is Chinese, I find takeaway pizza dry and curry greasy, although I can see a comment up there ^^^^ about a Nepalese place in Farnborough so I’ll have to give that a try!

  4. Jessica Edmunds

    I’m a sucker for Chinese, but my partner always wants a kebab so he usually wins 😉

  5. Gemma Kitchener

    I love Thai takeaway and Indian. Thai because the flavours are amazing. And Indian because, well you just can’t beat an Indian takeaway 🙂

  6. Julie Hogg

    It has to be pizza – we don’t have it often, but it is something that the whole family loves

  7. Debbie Godbolt

    i love chinese food deep fried chicken chilli is my favorite finger food 🙂

  8. charlotte clavier

    Oh i love indian food. All the spices do it for me 😀 xx

  9. kim neville

    My favourite is Thai especially red or green thai curry as the taste is so delicious

  10. Helen Moulden

    Mine is chinese, because I’m a little bit obsessed with noodles. Oh and because I love using chopsticks!

  11. Kim Winter

    I love Japanese takeaway as it’s something different and has a lot of variety to choose from!

  12. Helen Marsh

    Liked on facebook – Helen Marsh

    and my favourite takeaway is chinese. and indian. and kebabs. and burgers.and chips. and pizza. and thai. and mexican. and and and…


  13. Linda Tweed

    My favourite has to be Indian. Here in Leicester there are so many to choose from. A particular favourite restaurant to get take-aways from is Bobby’s on the Golden Mile — authentic Gujarati vegetarian fare at its finest, at reasonable prices, with plenty of sweets and savouries to get boxed up and take home as well.

  14. Elizabeth Duncan

    Chinese, you cant beat chicken curry fried rice and spicy chips though anything noodley will also get my attention

  15. Elysia Benn

    Fish and Chips is my alltime favourite takeaway and my alltime favourite meal

  16. Phil Rice-Grubb

    Thaiis my favourite as I like spice but find it doesn’t last too long

  17. shelley ward

    i just love ordering chinese after a hard day. Its kind of my comfort food. I always order too much too

  18. Charlotte Clark

    Hot and spicy mexican! 🙂 I love it because i dont have it often but its sooo appreciated when i do

  19. Joe

    Pizza Is great as everyone can share, Chinese and Indian is good as you can all enjoy what you want and share with others.

  20. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

    My favourite takeaway is dominos pizza because they are the best pizzas I’ve ever had and I love their jalapeño starter!

  21. Jim Kerr

    Its got to be a Tandoori Mix Grill with a Vegtable curry and a Nan, heaven! A range of flavours and textures, what not to love.

  22. Sarah Paterson

    I love Chinese, it has so many different flavours and variety, liked on facebook

  23. victoria

    Our favorite take away is lamb Korma, Lamb Bryani from our local Indian- yak and yeti

  24. christina brown

    I love Indian food as I love a bit of spice and I’m a big fan of curry! 🙂

  25. sophie

    I love chinese because im addicted to salt and pepper chicken wings 🙂 mmmm

  26. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Pizza – home pizza is just not the same! 🙂 A real treat

  27. Barbara

    Definitely Indian, preferably Chicken Kormaa. I never get tired of it – I just love the flavour and no matter how many times I try it never tastes the same when I try and cook it at home

  28. Sarahann Tonner

    I love Indian – Chicken Tikki Chasni, Spiced Onions and Poppadoms!!

  29. caitlin bonsor

    my favourite take away has to be pizza, as you can get lots of different flavours and tastes on a pizza, which gives it a change! 🙂

  30. Laura foulds

    I love Indian food, a good hot curry and lots of chapatis to eat it with

  31. Carole Smith

    Indian – love the selection of vegetarian dishes you can get in a good Indian takeaway

  32. Rebecca Maddocks

    Has to be chinese because the taste is amazing and so much choice, something for everyone.

  33. Shazia khan

    I love Chinese because noodles are my favourite food and my local Chinese always spices it up for me.

  34. hannah

    my favourite take away is indian food because I rarely ever have it so it’s always a treat when I do. I can’t help but go all out and order all the sides to go with my curry!

  35. Holly Smith

    Chicken Kebab with lots of BBQ sauce! perfect on a Saturday Night!

  36. Sara Davis

    I love Indian food, it tastes great and you can mix lots of the dishes together

  37. Andrea Goodheart

    Chinese although our favourite one in Bognor has just closed We are veggie and find Chinese still gives great choice.

  38. Sally Lea

    Chinese, I can make a real mess with it at home and not embarrass myself!

  39. tina edwards

    my favourite is chinese because its the one cuisine that i cannot cook myself

  40. Samantha Vass

    My favourite is Chinese because it never tastes as good when you attempt it yourself. I could live on prawn toast and seaweed!

  41. Helen Stratton

    My favourite take-away is fish and chips with a nice big pickled onion. Makes me think of seaside holidays 🙂

  42. Emma

    With a nut allergy I have to be very careful about takeaways so I prefer pizza. They don’t usually have many nuts so are safer.

  43. Sarah Maclean

    I love Chinese takeaway, especially Spare Ribs in Hoisin sauce and Prawn Crackers

  44. Joanne Baldwin

    I love Thai because of the depth and variety of flavours – just yummy! As a vegetarian I can usually find something delicious on a Thai menu without feeling I have missed out on anything.

  45. angela sandhu

    Love Chinese takeaway. I can make pretty good pizza and Indian food at home, just cant get the Chinese the same!

  46. Bryan Deegan

    Cant beat a good pizza. my fav is chicken and sweetcorn 🙂 mmm

  47. Jodie Pether

    Love pizza especially from Domino’s. Easily shared and lots of variety on the menu plus yummy desserts too!

  48. Lesley-Ann Dunn

    Pizza – I prefer to eat things like Indian food in a restaurant but I think pizza tastes better eaten with your hands out of a box!

  49. Vee

    Has to be Chinese for me! so fussy in my family but there’s something for everyone 🙂

  50. Lee Gardner

    china city in Carlisle, local Chinese restaurant fresh ingredients and great value for money, its our only choice for Chinese takeaways

  51. Bridget Anderson

    The favourite in our house is “Pizza from the pizza shop!!!!”

  52. Pauline Wilson

    Definitely Indian, I love curry plus all the extras like pakoras, spicy onions, poppadoms etc

  53. Caroline H

    My favourite is Thai. I love the light, fresh flavours and there’s plenty of vegetarian options.

  54. stacey kirkbride

    My favourite takeaway is chinese – so many delicious dishes that all the family love!

    Tweeted. Liked through Stacey Kirkbride

  55. Charlotte Ingham

    Pizza – there’s something so satisfying about a nice warm pizza with delicious toppings – especially when you have a hangover!!

  56. James Seale

    I love pizza, it can be eaten for breakfast if there’s any left.


    I have followed your facebook page and would love to win this tasty prize!

  58. C Parkin

    Chinese, because I love sea food and they have yummy things like salt and pepper squid and prawns in black bean sauce, which I wouldn’t normally eat at home.

  59. sarah christie

    My favourite food is Thai, we have a fantastic restaurant near us which i love.

  60. FionaLynne Edwards

    I love my local Chinese Takeaway at Ho Choys – they do a veggie version of Duck & Pancakes using fried Tofu and called Mock Duck – it’s absolutely wonderful!

  61. Gillian Holmes

    Mostly pizzas and the occasional Chinese, oh for a local Japanese place.

  62. Hazel Rea

    My favourite is Chinese as there is a superb local one and all the family really enjoy it.

  63. Lana Aldridge

    The kids love us getting a pizza with all kinds of sides – it s a fun meal to eat, and no washing up for me!!

  64. Francine Costello

    I love Chinese take-aways because there is so much variety and it is generally so low in fat compared to other take-aways and good for the whole family

  65. Tia

    I love our local Indian takeaway – fantastic salmon lajobab which I am sure is a foretaste of heaven!

  66. julie baxter

    i have also liked your page on facebook as julie jingle baxter
    and tweeted as lushy20

  67. Carolin

    We love having a cheeky Chinese every now and then. You just can’t get the flavours right at home


  68. Joanne Mapp

    As a family, we love a Chinese takeaway, because we can order a variety of dishes and all share them.

  69. Lucy Mayer

    We love Indian takeaways – spent a year or two in a small town in Australia with no Indian restaurants, so we’re making up for it now we’re home!

  70. Lucy Jacobs

    My favourite takeaway is pizza hut because they do the best cheesy margharitas

  71. Aggie Sady

    I love our local Turkish takeaway, they do brilliant shish kebabs, but their true work of art are their pizzas – believe or not but they are much better than any Italian pizza I’ve ever tasted. They are registered with Just Eat so this prize would come in very handy!

  72. shane weir

    My favourite is Thai though since moving we’re struggling to find a good one.

  73. Vicky Smith

    There’s a fab place called Wok this Way round the corner from us. They cook the food right in front of you and it’s both a show AND a dinner!

  74. heather lilac

    I like chicken takeaways the best as it always tastes better than home cooked.
    Facebook name Heather Lilac twitter name miss_lilac62

  75. Leanne Rowlands

    My favourite takeaway Is Chinese. It has to be from the takeaway as you will never get it to taste the same if you cook it at home

  76. Ronni Astroff

    Chinese takeaway is the best! Especially noodle soups and Fujien fried rice.

  77. Rebecca Rankin

    My favourite takeaway is Indian as it offers a wide range of vegetarian options that other takeaways don’t have!

  78. Jenifer

    I love Mexican food!…but I ordered fish & chips from Just Eat tonight (too hot to cook!) The ‘thank you for not cooking’ confirmation emails always make me laugh! 🙂

    Jen xx

  79. Emma

    I love to use our local curry take away, I’ve never even notice the name just the smell because the curries smell delicious. It’s so simple, vegetable, chicken or lamb, 3 types of rice and selection of side vegetables, lovely samosas, nans made to order. A choice of large/small/hot or extra hot and the prices are very reasonable.

  80. Jamie

    I love our local Chinese takeaway, “wok the duck” – it has a really great menu, great friendly staff and delicious food and reasonable prices, love it!

  81. Stephen Carr

    My favourite takeaway is Chicken, Green Peppers and Garlic in a Black Bean sauce. When I find a takeaway that cooks this, and cooks it well, I’m a loyal customer!

  82. paula woodiwiss

    Hey, Paula Woodiwiss has liked you on facebook and blinking well LOVES Just eat…. I’ve never got a takeaway menu, I have no clue where they all go!!

  83. lesley stevens

    definitely Chinese set meals because you get a selection of the different dishes and I’m useless at cooking Chinese food at home!

  84. Laura Silver

    Cant beat good ol’ British Fish & Chips. Our local Chippie is awesome <3

  85. Beth

    There is an excellent Lebanese takeaway a couple of miles from me, so if I’m ordering online I often pick them. I also love pizza and Indian takeaways, but probably wouldn’t order them online as there are brilliant places for both of those on my street, so I can easily call in on the way home.

  86. Michelle

    My favourite takeaway is an Indian, we have an excellent takeaway at the end of the road we live on 🙂

  87. Julia Plant

    Thai green curry, because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get it quite right myself

  88. Hannah Whitling

    I love Chinese food, find it tasty without being too strong for my palette.

  89. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Chinese-love the sweet & sour sauce although it does stain my fingers!!!

  90. Andrew Hindley

    Indian is my favourite

    it’s just a pity that we can’t order spicy punkawallahs to cool us down during this heatwave!

  91. caroline cordery

    my facebook name is caroline cordery. hope there’s vegetarian options!


    I love Chinese food because there is so much choice and it’s all delicious!

  93. Tina Lawton

    Love Chinese, I like lots of different nibbles so I get couple of different starters.

  94. Sheila Sloan

    Indian currries…. I just love the variety of flavours created by the spices.

  95. Katherine L

    I almost always order Indian food .. I love it! I also can’t cook it nearly as well as the companies I order from 🙂

  96. Rachel Vickers

    My favourite take away is chinese. I love it because we always get this when we visit my Dad. So there’s me, my boyfriend and my Dad and we all like different things. Because of this, we always over order… which is great because we always take away the left overs! LOVE IT!

  97. elisa wright

    I love chinese food as it seems like the healthiest takeaway choice!

  98. Rebecca C

    We love Indian food at my house, because its great for people with dietary requirements, and it’s probably one of the few dishes that my whole family can sit down and enjoy together.

  99. Andrew Halliwell

    My favourite tends to swing between Chinese (love a good chicken fried rice) or good old fashioned traditional english fish chips and mushy peas.

    As for a reason? Upbringing? Liking the taste? Combination of the two? Who can say, I just love em.

  100. sarah smith

    me and my sons favourite is pizzas come in all varietys and no washing up required 🙂

  101. Joanna Sadler

    I love my local Chinese takeaway – they do great udon noodle dishes that aren’t swimming in oil, and the chef/owner makes sure all the ingredients do not contain artificial colours or flavours. Tastes fab too!

  102. Tam B

    Pizza from Shirehampton is the best.
    I know its always a cut above the rest.

  103. Amanda Milton

    It would have to be traditional Fish and Chips,you just can’t beat the taste of Fish and Chips from the Chippy

  104. Kate Rampersad

    I love thai take aways, as it is the only cuisine I cannot cook myself. I love the flavours tough.

  105. Emma Jackson

    Our local chinese takeaway is our favourite because they do huge fist sized spring rolls x

  106. Kate Cunningham

    Favourite take away is Indian, especially anything with paneer in it.

  107. Mark Maplethorpe

    Favourite takeaway is our local Thai as there is something that everyone likes

  108. emily mayo

    my favourite takeaway has to be a chinese near me i always get salt n pepper chicken wings which are so scrummy i could eat them everyday lol and my favourite sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice mmmm 🙂 making myself hungry writing this lol sooo free tkeway would be amazing 🙂

  109. Paula Harvey

    Our favourite takeaway is our local Indian so much to choose from and super scrummy!!

  110. Emma Davis

    We love Chinese takeaways but they are a rare treat in our house! We used to get away with the kids sharing a meal but as their getting bigger it now costs us a fortune! This voucher would be a yummy treat

  111. Caroline Scott

    My favourite takeaway is definitely Indian food – we have an amazing Indian takeaway near us and just thinking about it is making me hungry!

  112. Deanne Harrison

    my Fav Takeaway food has to be pizza 🙂 I love our Friday family nights, where my 2 girls,little boy, and fiance get the picnic blankets out make a little camp on the floor, eat pizzas with lots of dips and potato wedges, and watch a family movie 🙂 PERFECT XX

  113. Sophia Kearney

    pizza because it is my favourite food and the leftovers never disappoint!

  114. Honora Livesey

    I love Chinese food. So scrummy, so much choice and I cant even make anything close to it myself at home

  115. Honora Livesey

    Liked your page, Honora Livesey 🙂 Look forward to reading more 🙂

  116. Laura-Jane Baker

    I love Chinese food – I am addicted to sweet & sour chicken balls 🙂

  117. Rebecca Kingston

    Indian! Because damn it tastes good, what better reason is there than that?!

  118. jemma87

    i love parmo!!!and because there only available in and around my area then that makes them all the better!!!othing better than coming home after bein away and knowing i can get a gorgeous parmo!!!

  119. Gemma Clark

    gotta be indian, a Rogan josh or Bhuna, just love the flavours…garlic,spices, zingy tomatoes mmm

  120. Linda Guest

    I love Indian. So many dishes to choose between. Tandoori, balti, biriyani and amzing side dishes saag aloo is a favourite. My local takeaway is Bangladeshi and the food has so much flavour.

  121. liz ferguson

    I love all takeaways! 🙂 But especially Indian, as you can never get a really good ‘home version’ of curry or nans!

  122. julie

    My favorite kind of takeaway is a vegetarian healthy pasty as I am a vegetarian and prefer to be healthy.

  123. Chris Fletcher

    I love a good burger and you cant get better than ‘Dirty Burger’ here in Kentish Town!

  124. Samantha R

    I love Chinese food we moved 3 years ago and it took us 2 years to find a takeaway we enjoyed in our local area

  125. Joanne Kelly

    Turkish as I have North Cypriot roots & LOVE the exoticness of their food – especially boreks. Yum

    Following on Twitter & have tweeted 🙂

  126. Mark Whittaker

    Found a great local Chinese (through) that also does Thai and Malay food. Since finding Malaysian food thats now a firm favourite

  127. sam bailey

    Chinese for us, its a treat as its not the cheapest so maybe once a month we will order a good few dishes in put them in the middle and then everyone can try a bit of everything

  128. Jane Sands

    My favourite takeaway is Chinese. Yum! I have liked on fb and following on twitter

  129. Sue Robinson

    Chinese is my favourite – so many rich and fresh tasting ingredients are used


    I love Japanese food ( hot and sushi) and am glad there are more places locally doing this as a takeaway

  131. Laura Vitty

    I normally get Chinese take aways as I love too cook so any take-aways I get tend to be for a cuisine I can’t cook myself, haven’t tried any Chinese cooking yet but maybe I should one day!

  132. James Donovan

    I am a sucker for Chinese. Especially the Pork and Duck dishes.
    I know it is not healthy, however anything Crispy just tastes amazing

  133. Andrej

    My favourite takeaway is Chinese. Nothing beats sweet and sour chicken or crispy seaweed 🙂

  134. laura avery

    Thai food..like a cross between curry and chinese, yet so much more flavoursome

  135. Jocelyn Clark

    I love Chinese food because I never get tired of Lemon Chicken and Chicken fried rice

  136. Rachel Blackburn

    My favourite is Chinese because it always tastes so good and there are loads of options.

  137. Maria Messruther

    Indian because there are so many different things you can order and if you arnt feeling adventurous you can have omelettes or burgers. They also have a good range of mild, medium and hot flavour food

  138. Christine Robinson


  139. Victoria N

    Thai – I love our local as it transports me right back to my honeymoon trip to Thailand.

  140. Becci Cleary

    My Favourite Takeaway is one that’s delivered 🙂 I HATE Cooking!!!

  141. joanna

    We love Indian takeaway and Just Eat have just included our favourite local takeaway as a supplier – lovely stuff!

  142. Rebecca Nisbet

    Mexico or Chinese, is purpose because there pt the healthiest meals but they taste so good!

  143. Claire Wilkinson

    favourite takeaway is a chinese as its something the whole family like, which i dont find often, also love getting lots of dishes and sharing them out

  144. Victoria Peake

    I love chinese because you can get both sweet and spicy food in that cuisine so it keeps the whole family happy.

  145. Samantha Stevenson

    Pizza is the best 😀
    Followed by Chinese Curry!
    And then Kebab!!

  146. Jo Booth

    My favourite takeout food is pizza.
    Have liked your facebook page – my name 🙂

  147. John Hill

    Got to be an English fish and chips. Who needs a trip to the seaside when you get can it delivered to your doorstep?!


    Not very exciting or inventive but I just love cheesy garlic bread with triple pepperoni pizza, my fav takeaways – I honestly cannot get enough 🙂
    Commented on FB and tweeted @mhoc12

  149. Alison Johnson

    I love Pizza but my Hubby loves Chinese. So we tendto swap between the two.

  150. Rosemary Sheehan

    Curry because I love the feel of dipping nan into my sauce and using the nan as a fork


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