Recipe Roundup | Fruit Ice Creams and Ice Lollies

With summer finally arriving in full force, June’s #BSFIC theme was fruit.

As always, you shared a wonderful variety of ideas, all of which I wish I could try! (Sorry for the delay in sharing the round up; I was away in Dubrovnik at the end of the month and straight back to work on my return).

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Strawberry and rosewater ice cream

Inspired by a cheesecake he made a few years ago, Michael of Me My Food & I turned something ordinary into something special by creating a Strawberry and Rosewater Ice Cream. He’s added a little grenadine and vanilla for extra complexity of flavour, too.

ice-cream sandwich copy

Not only did Helen of Family, Friends, Food create a delicious ice cream but she made it into a sandwich too. Check out her Hazelnut Meringue 3 Berry Ice Cream Sandwich. I particularly love the pretty pink colour of her mixed berry ice cream.

fab ice lolly500px

Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Kitchen diary has created a fabulous splash of colour by making Home Made Fab Ice Lollies. Inspired by a recipe in Aimee Ryan’s Coconut Milk Ice Cream book, these look way better than the shop-bought version!

It’s obvious that Laura knows How To Cook Food. Just look at her Raspberry Cranachan Ice Cream, taking a classic Scottish dessert and making an ice cream version. What a clever idea!


Janet, over at The Taste Space, used coconut to create her Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream, a refreshing cooler from the humid summer heat in Houston. Several long hours of stirring the freezing mixture every half an hour didn’t produce the texture Janet hoped for so she recommends using an ice cream machine for this recipe.

bsfic paech melba bombe 2

I’m always excited to see what Foodycat Alicia comes up with and was as impressed as usual with her beautiful Peach Melba Bombe. She used a version of MiMi’s cream cheese ice cream base, plus raspberries macerated in Chambord, peach puree and two freezer-proof bowls!


Julia, who writes Something Missing, has tantalised my taste buds with her Tarte au Citron Frozen Yoghurt, in which she adds chopped up pieces of actual lemon tart to her yoghurt and lemon curds base. I really like the idea of chunks of pastry and curd providing texture.


For my own entry, I created a creamy Quick & Easy Yuzu Ice Cream using Korean Yuzu Tea and a no churn base. Although this uses just three ingredients, Korean Yuzu Tea, condensed milk and double cream, it’s one of the tastiest ice creams I’ve made.

Banana and Almond Ice Cream

Not only was he the first to enter the challenge (once again), Michael made a second #BSFIC entry with this delicious Banana & Almond Ice Cream inspired by cinema ice cream!


It’s no secret that I adore mangoes so I was always going to be a fan of these Yoghurt Mango Ice Lollies by Lisa from United Cakedom. They look so refreshing!


Sarah from Maison Cupcake has discovered the joys of blending frozen fruit in a blender for an instant frozen treat, such as this No Churn Diary Free Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream. I’ve just taken delivery of a super powerful blender myself and have been planning a few frozen fruit sorbets and ice creams for the rest of summer too!


Kate, the Gluten Free Alchemist, has achieved the most glorious rich purple colour in her Cherry-Almond Coconut Milk Ice Cream. She’s adapted a recipe from Aimee Ryan’s book, Coconut Milk Ice Cream, and it looks beautiful!


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  1. Corina

    Fantastic entries. I really wanted to make something but just didn’t manage to in time – I have made something for the next challenge though so I just need to find time to write a blog post!


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