A Taste For… Tamarind

Tamarind Seedpods

I was surprised to learn that the tamarind tree is native to Africa, so strongly is its fruit associated with India, where it has been cultivated for several thousand years; indeed, the name itself comes from the Arabic tamar hindi – Indian date. Today India is the world’s largest producer of tamarind, much of which ... Read more »

Lipsmacking Tamarind Ketchup

Tamarind Ketchup

My family call this sauce imli (tamarind) chutney. The word chutney comes from the Hindi chaatni which describes a tangy condiment that makes you lick your lips at it’s flavour! Although the verb chaatna means to lick I think lipsmacking is a better translation.. I refer to it as a ketchup or sauce because I’ve ... Read more »