Kimchi Biscuits | Ferment Pickle Dry

I recently reviewed new cookery book release, Ferment Pickle Dry. This lovely book by Simon Poffley and Gaba Smolinksa-Poffley shares a wide selection of recipes for preserving food by fermenting, pickling and drying. More unusually, the book also provides ‘partner recipes’ that showcase how the preserves can best be put to use in your cooking. ... Read more »

Kimchi Bokkeumbap | Korean Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi bokkeumbab

Kimchi fried rice is a very easy Korean recipe, loved by everyone. It’s very versatile: you can throw in any leftovers in your fridge such as vegetables, and diced ham or meat. Top the fried rice with thin strips of omelette and some roasted seaweed for the perfect quick and easy Korean dinner. You can ... Read more »