Parsnip ‘Speltotto’ with Prosciutto-Wrapped Haddock

Photograph of Ceri Jone's Parsnip Speltotto with Prosciutto-Wrapped Haddock

This Parsnip ‘Speltotto’ with Prosciutto-Wrapped Haddock is another recipe from Ceri Jones’ It Starts with Veg: 100 Seasonal Suppers and Sides cookbook. Instead of using rice, Ceri swaps in pearled spelt, and cooks it much the same way as for a risotto. The speltotto is topped with prosciutto-wrapped fresh haddock and parnsip crisps. Read our full ... Read more »

John Dory Tagine

John Dory Tagine

This fragrant and beautiful tagine is a great way to showcase John Dory, pairing it with North African-inspired spices, and serving with salt and vinegar pine nuts and preserved lemon yoghurt. The recipe is from Josh Niland’s Take One Fish, a cookbook aiming to give home cooks more confidence in cooking with fish. The recipes ... Read more »

One Pot Fish, Chickpea & Spinach Stew

One pot Fish, Chickpea and Spinach Stew shown in cooking pot

This delicious One Pot Fish, Chickpea & Spinach Stew is quick and easy to make, perfect for a satisfying midweek dinner or a fast meal on a busy weekend. Featured in Alan Rosenthal’s Foolproof One-Pot: 60 Simple and Satisfying Recipes, the foundations of the recipe lie in Marcella Hazan’s famous tomato pasta sauce – Rosenthal’s ... Read more »

Sri Lankan White Fish Curry

Sri Lankan White Fish Curry

This beautifully spiced white fish curry can be made with any firm-fleshed fish such as tuna, mackerel or trevally (also known as giant kingfish). The spices give fragrance and flavour, but this isn’t a hot curry. The recipe is from Peter Kuruvita’s Serendip: My Sri Lankan Kitchen cookbook. Read our full review of Serendip: My ... Read more »

A Taste For… Miso | Japanese-Style Miso Cod

Miso Cod on Kavey Eats

Are you familiar with umami? Discovered (and named) by Japanese scientist Kikunae Ikeda back in 1908 and known as the fifth taste group (alongside sweet, sour, bitter and salty), umami is most commonly translated as ‘savoury’ or ‘meaty’ and is a flavour profile that most of us enjoy in our food, whether or not we ... Read more »

Smoked Salmon & Leek Macaroni Cheese

Pasta is at the heart of many of our favourite recipes – especially during colder and darker months when rich, warming comfort foods are the order of the day. Bertolli have a lovely recipe for macaroni cheese with prosciutto and leeks which we’ve adapted by substituting smoked salmon for the ham. This is very much ... Read more »

Nori-Wrapped Hot Smoked Salmon Cubes With Miso Mayonnaise

For me, mayonnaise is indelibly associated with the summer; an integral part of food eaten outside. The picnic rugs and garden tables of my childhood were laden with bacon and mayo-dressed potato-salad, rich and creamy coleslaws, a huge bowl of tuna-sweetcorn-mayo and a bottle of homemade Marie Rose sauce to slather over burgers and sausages ... Read more »