A Taste For… Carob Molasses

In the UK, molasses usually refers to black treacle, a viscous by-product of the refined sugar industry, made from sugarcane and sugar beet. But in other parts of the world, such sweet sticky syrups are made from a variety of fruits including grapes, dates, pomegranates and carob. Some, like pomegranate and date molasses, have become ... Read more »

Lebanese-Inspired Carob Molasses & Tahini Chocolate Brownies

I developed this recipe when writing a piece about Carob Molasses. Carob molasses mixed with tahini are a common dessert in Lebanon, often served with bread to dip. Using the combination in chocolate brownies was the idea of wonderful Beiruti blogger, Joumana Accad. The malty caramel flavour of carob molasses and the delicious sesame of ... Read more »