Thai ‘Red Fire’ Greens with Yellow Soybean Sauce

‘Red Fire’ Greens with Yellow Soybean Sauce

This umami-rich stir-fried vegetable dish of ‘red fire’ greens with yellow soybean sauce is often made with water spinach (also known as morning glory) but works very well with a wide range of seasonal green vegetables, local or Asian. Fai daeng, which literally translates as ‘red fire’, isn’t a warning about the chilli heat level ... Read more »

Grilled Cabbage with Chilli Garlic Butter

Grilled Cabbage with Chilli Garlic Butter

Grilled cabbage is one of those dishes that’s surged in popularity over the last couple of years, and this fantastic Grilled Cabbage with Chilli Garlic Butter (from Chasing Smoke: Cooking Over Fire Around The Levant by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich) is no doubt part of that phenomenon, very much the kind of food Sarit ... Read more »

No Sushi Recipe | Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki from Andrew Kojima's No Sushi cookbook

We recently reviewed Andrew Kojima’s cookbook No Sushi – part cookbook, part autobiography. One of the recipes we are keen to make is the okonomiyaki. This popular pancake-like Japanese dish is a filling meal of cabbage and other ingredients mixed into in a wheat-flour batter, cooked on a flat pan or hot plate, and topped ... Read more »

A Crash Course in Korean Kimchi (Recipe Included)

Freshly made kimchi

‘Without kimchi, I can’t live!’ declares Jun Pyo Kwon, as he guides us through the steps of making Korea’s national dish. Quickly becoming Korea’s best known dish, kimchi is increasing in popularity as the thirst for fermented foods grows and grows. Having previously been head chef at glitzy central London restaurant Kimchee, in 2013 Jun ... Read more »

Smoky Paprika Coleslaw | An Unusual But Winning Recipe

Given how much I enjoy coleslaw – it’s a must-have accompaniment to breaded chicken fillets, deep fried chicken and chicken burgers, not to mention perfect picnic food – it’s a little surprising to me that I rarely made my own; it’s not exactly complicated to shred some raw vegetables and toss in a home-made dressing, ... Read more »