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I had so much fun with last month’s In My Kitchen – a romp through a busy month by way of Instagram – that I thought I’d rinse and repeat!

 IMG_20150414_201306 IMG_20150502_190415

My little baby nephew was born and I couldn’t wait to meet him. The first time he was 10 days old, and the second, he was a month old that day. Isn’t he gorgeous?


IMG_20150411_150727 IMG_20150411_151708

For a while we had glorious sunshine. For a while…


IMG_20150413_184915 IMG_20150413_192709

Allotment leeks in a delicious blue cheese and leek risotto.


IMG_20150423_145903 IMG_20150417_132436 IMG_20150425_111804 IMG_20150416_190716

Deliciously sweet oranges and some apple and guava juice, both bought from Waitrose during my lunch break. Pain au chocolat from a local bakery and wagyu burgers from Aldi, not the highest quality wagyu but decent beef burgers for the price.


IMG_20150418_220209 IMG_20150418_215705 IMG_20150418_174305 IMG_20150418_163518

We enjoyed a really lovely stay at Glazebrook House Hotel in Devon.


IMG_20150419_144036 IMG_20150419_194334 IMG_20150419_152406 IMG_20150419_194655

And we attended an excellent Italian cookery class at Manna from Devon – we covered so much during the day – making pasta from scratch, some of which became tagliatelle and the rest ravioli, carpaccio of beef, bruschetta with red peppers and broccoli, lemon polenta cake, a crab risotto, a fish stew. Everything was delicious and the location itself is just beautiful.


IMG_20150420_141010 IMG_20150419_200208 IMG_20150419_200029
IMG_20150419_201134 IMG_20150419_201427 IMG_20150419_194841

Driving in Devon is always a joy, especially when the sun is shining and the views of the coast are so beautiful!


IMG_20150419_201527 IMG_20150419_201718 IMG_20150419_201909
IMG_20150419_202303 IMG_20150419_202055 IMG_20150419_184724

During our weekend in the Dartmouth area, we popped into local seafood restaurant Rockfish for a super fresh and delicious fish dinner. Check out the giant onion rings!


IMG_20150422_191235 IMG_20150423_191031
IMG_20150423_192047 IMG_20150423_192454

After visiting London’s Piada Bar in Soho, I was given a packet of three piada flatbreads. We made some very quick and very tasty flatbread pizzas with them using ready-made pizza sauce, pre-grated mozzarella and a variety of charcuterie languishing in the fridge. So, so good!


IMG_20150424_201734 IMG_20150424_204436 IMG_20150424_220915 IMG_20150424_221600

Our friends at The Bull in Highgate invited Pete and I to attend their Northern Line beer and food matching event. We enjoyed the evening immensely, and there were some very interesting matches too. Do keep an eye out on their Events page for future dinners.


IMG_20150425_210225 IMG_20150425_211742 IMG_20150425_212420 IMG_20150425_212143

We took friends to the lovely Warda Lebanese restaurant in Southgate. I still think this is the best Lebanese food outside Lebanon!


IMG_20150424_132716 IMG_20150424_132558 IMG_20150424_132224
IMG_20150427_201814 IMG_20150427_201714 IMG_20150427_201421

Two visits to Korean restaurants in New Malden for a sit down meal, the first Yami (top row) which did a fantastic modum namal including yellowbeansprouts as well as regular beansprouts, and their marinated short rib was excellen and Palace (bottom row) which was a little disappointing on the bbq front but did a decent tteokbokki (rice cake, fish cake, chilli dish).


IMG_20150428_190959 IMG_20150428_192215

Pete pulled the last of our leeks from the allotment and combined them with a few leftover rashers of bacon, some wild garlic from the back garden and a little cream for a very tasty pasta sauce. Weirdly, this seems to be the most popular instagram I’ve shared thus far, no idea why!


IMG_20150501_135718 IMG_20150501_143818 IMG_20150501_140116
IMG_20150501_150624 IMG_20150501_201418 IMG_20150503_100246

I loved visiting Wing Yip when I was a kid and it’s no less exciting now, several decades later. I took a Friday off to make a long weekend longer, and we took advantage to enjoy a dim sum lunch at Wing Yip’s Wing Thai restaurant, without the weekend crowds. A quick stop in the cafe bakery next door afterwards for a custard tart, a jin doy and some banana cake.


IMG_20150501_154231 IMG_20150501_192945 IMG_20150501_193528

We enjoyed a delicious ‘Chinese Spagbol’ recipe from Lizzie Mabbott’s ChinaTown Kitchen, a great recipe that we’ll make again and we have lots more bookmarked to try soon.


IMG_20150502_132250 IMG_20150502_131956 IMG_20150502_131728

We visited new local Japanese restaurant, Sushi Mania. Service is poor and when we visited, the place was overrun by really loud families, but the food we tried was all very good. At lunch time the a la carte is half price – that’s what I’d recommend; the full prices are too steep.



We used to go to this local pizzeria a lot under previous management, but hadn’t been since it changed hands. Pizzas are just as good as ever, though a touch more pricy than the competition. Tasty, though!



A few weeks of glorious sunshine have mostly been swept away by overcast skies and hard showers. This rose leaf in our front garden glistened after one such downpour.


IMG_20150503_185750 IMG_20150503_194234

Our first dish from Diana Henry’s A Bird In The Hand was this very delicious and simple chicken, butternut squash and cream bake. Definitely one to make again!


IMG_20150503_215624 IMG_20150501_210539

Two of my favourite fruits –  Asian mangoes and pears, the mangoes from a local grocery store and the Nashi pears from Wing Yip.


IMG_20150504_151300 IMG_20150504_151559

Bank holiday Monday lunch at our local (Bohemia), roast dinner, shared with friends. Lovely end to a long weekend.


IMG_20150504_143107 IMG_20150504_193808 IMG_20150504_192246

Friends shared some of the Japanese kit kat stash with me, which they brought back with them from their recent trip. Wasabi and citrus gold blend were as good as I remember from my 2012 Japanese kit kat tasting. Strawberry cheesecake was vastly better, the balance of flavour completely different and far more pleasant. I’d never had the chilli variety before, so that was great fun to try – at first it seemed mild and then the chilli heat came through!


IMG_20150505_193655 IMG_20150505_194112

With half a butternut squash leftover from the Diana Henry recipe, I found a gnocchi recipe online, which Pete made for a weeknight dinner. Served with mini fresh mozarella balls, grated parmesan-a-like and deep fried sage leaves (from the rampant bush in the back garden).



We’ve been munching far too many sugary sweets since the start of our three month Scoff subscription. You can win a three month subscription of your own, here.


IMG_20150508_154801 IMG_20150506_133803 IMG_20150427_130339
IMG_20150423_125706 IMG_20150421_132108 IMG_20150416_130242

I’ve been at  my new contract in New Malden for 5-6 weeks now and loving the lunch options in the vicinity of my office. My favourite is Ohaio – a hole-in-the-wall place at the entrance to the rail station, which sells a wide range of Korean, Japanese and Thai dishes, made hot and all fantastic value. Most lunch deals are £4.50 or £4.90 and include the main plus miso soup and some mini spring rolls.


IMG_20150508_214946 IMG_20150508_215444 IMG_20150508_215648 IMG_20150508_220357

We took some friends to our local Korean, Yijo, for another delicious feast. Above you can see Japchae, Kimchi mandu (dumplings), tteokbokki (a dish of chewy rice cake worms and fish cake slices in a hot sauce), a beef, tofu and vegetable hot pot and some meat on the table barbeque, a proper charcoal one. The portion of meat for the price has dropped significantly but everything else is still tasty and great value.


IMG_20150507_200123 IMG_20150509_090231 IMG_20150509_090415

Pussy Galoaf, our sourdough starter (and daughter of Priscilla) is going strong. For loaf 10, Pete upped the ratio of starter to give more sourdough flavour and baked the loaf in a silicon loaf tin inside a large lidded casserole dish. It was good!


This is my entry into the wonderful Celia’s In My Kitchen event.

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42 Comments to "In (& Out Of) My Kitchen"

  1. Sarah (@tamingtwins)

    Kavey, what a totally delicious month! I have such fond memories of Rockfish.. We stayed in Darmouth when I was slightly overwhelmed and crazed with 2 tiny 6 month old babies. In the evening, we braved going out with them and pushed the double buggy full of sleeping babies into there and they were so kind and accommodating. I ate that fish and chips like I’d never been fed! Happy memories!

  2. Jen

    That is one food packed month, I’m impressed. The onion ring looks nearly as big as Pete’s head!

  3. kaveyeats

    Thanks Jan, I thought it was a quiet month but realised I did a fair bit!

  4. Glenda

    Hi Kavey, Geez you have had a busy month. I am exhausted just reading about all the places you have been.

  5. Nancy | Plus Ate Six

    I’m full just looking at all that food! What a month of eating – you’ve gone around the world and not left the country. Intrigued about baking the sourdough in a silicon tin inside an enamel pan – looks like it worked a treat.


    Nancy, Pete wanted to try and get the shape more loaf-tin like, but still bake inside a lidded casserole for the crust… seemed to work well!

  6. Kim | a little lunch

    Kavey, thanks for letting us tag along with you via this wonderful photo tour. I savored your writing and descriptions as much as the pictures! I can see why that bacon, leek, and cream dish got a lot of attention — sounds wonderful! — and the gnocchi has my taste buds wishing, too. 🙂

  7. Helen at Casa Costello

    Oh how adorable is that little man?! (The baby, although I’m sure Pete is dishy too! ;-)) Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat sounds just up my street – I’m going to look into a Scoff subscription too. There’s no such thing as too sweet in my book! Have loved having a nosy around your busy month x

  8. kaveyeats

    Yes, I had thought I’d done nothing but work but fitted in some fine eating too!

  9. shaheen

    This is one epic blog post Kavey, but all I am going to say is Congratulations on the birth of your new nephew.

  10. Sarah Maison Cupcake

    Wow you’ve been busy! I’d love a return trip to Dartmouth. I had a brief day trip once in the late 90s whilst staying over the estuary in Brixham but it was before it was much of a foodie destination. It’s quite rare for us to get to the west country but you’re making me hanker a visit now.

  11. Lisa | withafork

    My goodness what an epic month you’ve had! And before I comment on all the food, can I just squeeeeee at your adorable nephew!!

    I love the look of the leek risotto. It’s cooling down a lot here now, so risotto will be back on the menu for sure! Perhaps I should go plant leeks as well, as your home grown ones look amazing! The jin doi has me hungry – was it a red bean or a taro filling? Red bean are my weakness…

    I’m very jealous of the food around your workplace. When I’m not on maternity leave, I do so love going to work because I can eat all my lunch without sharing with the small people! And as a consultant, I get to move around a lot and try lots of places. Home made lunches are lovely, but I do miss popping to the local and getting something made for me.

    What a lovely month… thank you for sharing!


    Hey Lisa, thank you, can’t wait to go and visit my little nephew again!
    Leek risotto definitely one of our favourites — butter-softened leeks stirred in to naturally creamy risotto. So good!
    The jin doi had a red bean filling and a generous pellet too, not so tiny you couldn’t taste it, like is sometimes the case.
    Thank you so much for your comment!

  12. kaveyeats

    Thanks Sherry, yes I wish we had those flavours too, I love the Japanese kit kat brand!
    Devon was wonderful!

  13. kaveyeats

    Thank you Johanna, was a tough month as I have a job contract with both long hours and long commute, so was feeling like I hadn’t enough time for my fun things but writing the post helped remind me of all is squeezed in!!

  14. celia

    Kavey, you’re always so fabulously busy – all this and full time work darling, not sure how you fit it all in! LOVE the pics of your gorgeous new nephew! And Pussy Galoaf is going strong – still trying to emulate Pete’s fabulous slashing, mine is still a bit rubbish. Your quick pizzas look delish! xxx


    Celia, I think it’s just that I’m too stubborn to miss out on fun stuff!!!


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