Ice Cream Wednesday: Simple But Delicious Frozen Yoghurt

After Leila’s guest post for last week’s #IceCreamWednesday, sharing a recipe for delicious Plum & Earl Grey Frozen Yoghurt, I had a hankering for some froyo of my own.

But sometimes, I’m just not in the mood for anything involving much of an effort.

Suddenly, I remembered The Collective Dairy yoghurts, which I first encountered a few months ago. “Those would make great frozen desserts”, I thought!

I churned a pot of the Luscious Lemon in the ice cream machine for instant gratification. It was fabulous, with a naturally creamy texture and a perfect balance between sweet and tart. So very smooth and so very tasty!

But one of the aspects I particularly love about The Collective Dairy yoghurts is the way the flavour component is not mixed in with the yoghurt but layered below and above it. Churning the yoghurt mixed the lemon curd thoroughly into the yoghurt, which tasted great but didn’t look as gorgeous as the swirls of bright yellow lemon against white.

So I decided to put some of the Passion Fruit yoghurt into lolly moulds (after a quick dash to Poundland when I singularly failed to work out where I’ve managed to hide my existing moulds), all the better to retain the pretty layering between fruit and yoghurt. I loved how these came out, they were beautiful and really tasty!

I love the tang of froyo, not to mention the joy of feeling virtuous when eating something so decadent. So, I recommend having a go at churning or making frozen lollies from your favourite luxury yoghurt brands!

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  1. thelittleloaf

    Love those lolly holders! I love how therapeutic making ice cream can be, but if you need a quick fix these look great. Bet they'd bne gorgeous with whole fresh fruit or passion fruit pulp poured into the moulds too…


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