How to Make Brazilian Brigadeiro Chocolate Bonbons

Thus far, all the Brazilians I’ve met are warm, friendly, simple (by which I mean uncomplicated and genuine, not lacking in intelligence) and full of laughter.

Brigadeiro, a chocolate bon bon made with a few simple ingredients and decorated in a bold – perhaps even gaudy – style, is a wonderful representation of Brazil and its people – easy to make, looks and tastes fabulous and can’t fail to put a smile on your face.


In a celebration of summer, Magimix are taking a look at Brazilian culture and cuisine and invited me to join in by sharing some Brazilian recipes on Kavey Eats.

We bought our first Magimix food processor a few years ago, and were enormously impressed with its multi-functionality. We used it a lot, more than we expected actually, by leaving it permanently out on the work surface. We fell a little out of love with it when the motor and blade malfunctioned (just months after the warranty expired) but were able to get it fixed and it’s been ok again ever since. The only downsides for us are the large footprint, given our limited work surface, and the small size of the feed tube on our 5200 model. The 4200 XL Magimix have just sent me has a (slightly) smaller footprint and a much larger feed tube. Every little helps!

Brazilian-Brigadeiro-Chocolate-Bonbons-KaveyEats-KFavelle-6723 Brazilian-Brigadeiro-Chocolate-Bonbons-KaveyEats-KFavelle-6724

For this recipe, I used the main blade in the largest bowl to finely chop some 85% dark chocolate – I find that the grating attachment doesn’t cope well with pieces of chocolate as these tend to fly off the side of the disc before they’ve been pushed through the grater. The main blade is super sharp and breaks down the solid chocolate quickly.

Brazilian Brigadeiro Chocolate Bonbons

Servings 20 bonbons


  • 200 ml condensed milk
  • 30-40 g grated dark chocolate or good quality unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 tsp butter
  • extra butter for greasing your hands
  • Granulated decorations such as chocolate granules, hundreds and thousands, coloured crystallised sugar or similar


I used bronzed sugar crystals from the Waitrose Cooks’ range, hundreds and thousands and some extra grated chocolate.


  • Combine condensed milk, grated chocolate and butter in a non-stick pan and heat gently, stirring continuously.
  • Once all the ingredients have melted and are well mixed, continue to cook until the mixture thickens considerably, stirring continuously. When the mixture is ready, pulling the spoon or spatula through it should cause it to pull away cleanly from the base of the pan, almost like a choux dough when it begins to ball up.
  • Remove from the heat and leave to cool until the mixture is cool enough to handle.
  • Spoon a few drops of vegetable oil or butter into your hands and rub both hands together to coat well.
  • Use a teaspoon to scoop a spoonful of the mixture, roll between your palms to form a ball and roll gently into your granulated decoration. (If you find the mixture too sticky to handle, even once cool, it hasn’t been cooked it for long enough – just return to the heat, cook a little more, then leave to cool and try again).
  • Once coated, place into individual bon bon paper cups or onto baking paper.
  • Serve immediately or store in the fridge until needed.

Brazilian-Brigadeiro-Chocolate-Bonbons-KaveyEats-KFavelle-text800-6738 Brazilian-Brigadeiro-Chocolate-Bonbons-KaveyEats-KFavelle-6753

Kavey Eats received a Magimix 4200XL food processor from Magimix.

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18 Comments to "How to Make Brazilian Brigadeiro Chocolate Bonbons"

  1. kaveyeats

    Thanks Deena — very simple and they taste wonderful. The sheen is down to the butter I think, and the colour is the beautiful bronze decoration granules from Waitrose!

  2. What Kate Baked

    And With Brazil hopefully going onto to win the World Cup there will be plenty of opportunity to celebrate with these delicious sweet treats Kavey!

  3. kaveyeats

    Thank you darling, you were one of the beautiful Brazilian friends I had in mind as I wrote! X

  4. Adam Garratt

    I know what you mean, my clapped out foodprocessor has to live in the cupboard these days as it takes up so much surface area, although I only ever use it for breadcrumb making now because it’s so rubbish. Heard a lot about magimix and maybe one day I shall invest. The recipe looks really good Kavey, and simple too. Looks similar to a truffle recipe. I showed my other half the picture and she’s decided she wants some!


    Ah that’s lovely! Choose some nice glitter decorations for the bling! I fell out of love with the Magimix for a bit when it broke but after it was repaired, it gradually re-earned my affection!

  5. Jeanne Horak-Druiff

    Ooooh – I love the look of these! I had some brigadeiro chocolate in a shot glass as part of a Brazilian desert plate recently and it was just heavenly – you really get that caramelised condensed milk flavour coming through…. Swoon.


    Yes they are basically round balls of very very rich chocolate fudge, with the depth of flavour from the condensed milk adding richness to the chocolate. So good!


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