How to Make a Floradora Cocktail

This Floradora cocktail recipe is from Home Cocktail Bible by Olly Smith, and mixes Chambord, gin, lime juice and ginger beer to create a simple, pale pink thirst-quencher that’s perfect for a hot summer evening.

Floradora Cocktail from Olly Smith's Home Cocktail Bible

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Floradora Cocktail

Named after an early 1900s musical, this is a really delicious, light pink, refreshing drink that’s starting to enjoy a comeback. The Floradora reminds of Superman: they both come and go in various different guises over the years, and it’s high time for the definitive version to step forward and endure. Floradora combines all the stimulation of the very greatest cocktails with a minimum of fuss. And since it’s so little known, when you casually knock one up at home it instantly makes you look like a professional bartender with all the knowledge gained from working the world’s leading cocktail bar. There is no obligation to wear a tight-fitting Spandex suit while you’re making a Floradora, but you could create a secret dance to shuffle your superhero powers from head to toe as you take your first sip.
Servings 2 people
Author Olly Smith


  • 45 ml (1½oz) gin
  • 22.5 ml (¾oz) Chambord
  • 15 ml (½oz) freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 75 ml (2½oz) fiery ginger beer, to top


Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Lime wedge and raspberry
Equipment: Cocktail shaker, strainer


  • Fill a shaker with ice
  • Add all the ingredients except the ginger beer
  • Shake vigorously to chill
  • Strain into a glass filled with ice and top with
  • the ginger beer
  • Garnish with a lime wedge and a raspberry

As you can see, Nicky’s Floradora came out a much more vibrant colour than the image in the book! It was quick and fuss-free to make and a great choice for a hot and sultry summer’s evening.

Floradora Cocktail


Kavey Eats received a review copy of Home Cocktail Bible by Olly Smith from publisher Quadrille. Book photography by Matt Russell. Our photography by Nicky Bramley. 

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  1. Anna

    This cocktail appears to be very refreshing. I’m going to try to make this one today. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  2. Mim

    Oooh! I have all those at home aside from the ginger beer, which is easy to get from the corner shop!


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