Honey Goats’ Cheese Toasts On Little Gem Leaves

Incorporating home grown produce into your meals needn’t be complicated. This recent lunch used romaine lettuce picked fresh from the garden and served as it was, without any dressing.

This is a very quick and simple lunch using just four ingredients.

Honey Goats’ Cheese Toasts On Little Gem Leaves


  • bread – your choice, ours was home-made soft white; a recipe from Tom Herbert, that I’ll blog soon
  • goats' cheese – your choice, this time we used Montrachet from Burgundy via La Cave à Fromage
  • lettuce – your choice, ours was Romaine picked fresh from the garden
  • honey – your choice, we used a London one from The London Honey Company


  • Pick and wash the lettuce, tear by hand into small pieces.
  • Slice bread and toast one side under the grill.
  • Slice the goats’ cheese – approximately half a centimetre thickness.
  • Turn over the bread and lay the goats’ cheese slices on the untoasted sides.
  • Spoon a little honey over the cheese.
  • Grill until the honey has melted and the surface of the cheese shows a little browning.
  • Serve the toasts over the lettuce.

You could make a simple dressing for the salad if you wish. If so, I’d keep it simple again; just a little of the same honey, some decent oil and vinegar, ratios to your own taste, shake in a jam jar to combine and then toss with the lettuce before plating.

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6 Comments to "Honey Goats’ Cheese Toasts On Little Gem Leaves"

  1. Kavey

    Foodycat, that would work really, really well. We used to make this often, some years ago but you know how favourites fall out of memory? I was reminded of it again when we got this lovely goats' cheese from La Cave and I mused that some honey would be just the ticket…

  2. tori

    Such great simple food combinations. Lovely! When I haven't got any honey, sometimes I make a toastie out of goat's cheese and thin slices of pear. Not quite as good as this, but an ok compromise.

  3. Kavey

    Pear is a lovely way of bringing in sweetness. I have combined it, traditionally, with blue cheese but like idea of using it with the goat.

  4. Mamta

    Cheese does go nicely with sweet things like honey. I sometimes make a cheese and marmalade toast, very nice it is too. I love goat cheese but that is an awful lot of cheese on one toast for me, I will probably make it with half. I must remember to buy some next shopping trip, haven't remembered goats cheese for a while.


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