Homemade Stroopwafel aka Dulce de Leche Crispy Waffle Sandwiches

Stroopwafels are a delicious Dutch treat we particularly enjoyed during our last visit to Amsterdam. The direct translation into English is syrup waffle and indeed, stroopwafels consist of two thin waffles (or one thick one halved) sandwiched around a layer of sticky, treacly caramel syrup.


When we got our waffle cone maker recently, as well as shaping some of the hot waffles into cones, I couldn’t resist sandwiching some together with a jar of dulce de leche we had in the store cupboard. For me, these were best after a few hours, once the waffles had become a little chewy and soft by drawing moisture from the caramel toffee filling.

WaffleConeStroopwafel-0412 WaffleConeStroopwafel-0413

We used the basic thick sweet batter recipe that came with the machine (and is similar to many you’ll be able to find via a web search).

WaffleConeStroopwafel-0418 WaffleConeStroopwafel-0419

After spreading a thick layer of dulche de leche onto a hot waffle, we placed another hot waffle on top (a few minutes later) and Pete used a clean tea towel to quickly press down and sandwich the two together; the heat of the waffle helped bind it to the filling and hold the two firmly together.

WaffleConeStroopwafel-0427 WaffleConeStroopwafel-0428
WaffleConeStroopwafel-0429 WaffleConeStroopwafel-0434

These weren’t the same as the ready-made stroopwafels you can buy but they were simple to make and tasty!

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  1. kaveyeats

    We used a basic waffle cone machine, if you Google there are many many models on sale.


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