Heston Precision Kitchen Scales by Salter

Pete and I are big fans of Salter equipment, having used a Salter scale in our kitchen for many years. And we’re already fans of Heston’s collaborations with appliance brands; I’ve recently posted about the Quick Touch microwave and Smart Scoop ice cream machine Heston designed with Sage.

So it was our pleasure to try out the Heston Precision range created by Heston and Salter, which includes dual platform measuring scales, an adjustable rolling pin, a balloon whisk, measuring spoons and cooking spatulas.


The scales comes in a beautiful box with instructions on use printed on the inside lid. I asked Pete to review them, as they’re perfect for his home brew needs (as well as regular kitchen use):

Homebrewing makes some heavy demands on kitchen scales. Recipes can call for a total of 6kg or more of grain, and yet our standard scales can’t handle more than 5kg. At the same time, some of the minor grain ingredients can weigh as little as 100 grams – at which point, the fact that our scales measure in steps of 4 grams can introduce a significant error.

So the main platform on the Heston scale is a godsend – handling up to 10kg means that it can handle the biggest recipes in my book, and with a 1 gram accuracy I can be confident that my measurements are all spot on.

Of course, that’s only half the story; as well as grain, beer needs hops. While English hops are often measured in the tens of grams – and so can be weighed with some success on standard scales – with more powerful New World hops recipes can call for smaller quantities of 5 or 10 grams. Obviously when your scale only measures in steps of 4 grams, accurately measuring 5 grams of anything can be next to impossible.

This is where the secondary platform on the Heston scale comes in, which can weigh up to 100 grams in steps of 0.1 grams – perfect for lightweight ingredients such as hops.

Of course, you can buy separate scales for such small quantities but combining two into one is a much tidier solution – especially for a homebrewer with an ever growing pile of equipment.

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The rolling pin has adjustable depth guides to make it easier to roll to a depth of 3mm, 5mm and 8mm.

The measuring spoons have a leveller slide along the top to remove excess and ensure an accurate measure. They can be used for wet and dry ingredients, but are not intended for use with oils.

The spatulas are heat resistant to 250°C and dishwasher safe.

The large balloon whisk has a comfortable non-slip handle, is light and easy to use and is dishwasher safe.


Kavey Eats received product samples from Salter Housewares. This post includes affiliate links, please see blog sidebar for further information.

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83 Comments to "Heston Precision Kitchen Scales by Salter"

  1. Tracy Nixon

    Well it is my 40th next month (shhhhhhh!) so I would bake my favourite cake – coffee and walnut – to share with my family! I’ll only put 21 candles on it though!

  2. Adrian Barnett

    I personally don’t bake but luckily I have a wife and two daughters that love to, if I had these I’d ask them for a lemon drizzle cake.

  3. Rachel Cotterill

    Oooh, I love this idea! I have the basic Salter scales, which are good, but I like the idea of the fine-grained measurements. I’d have to bake something special to celebrate if I won… maybe an opera cake, that’s something I’ve been meaning to try for ages!

  4. Jane Willis

    I would make a cheese gougere, because choux pastry needs very accurate measurements and I’m a frankly bung-it kinda girl, so these scales would be perfect for it.

  5. Heather Haigh

    I would make cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pies, crumbles, and cookies. I love baking and these would make it even more fun.

  6. Sara Goodman

    I’m a little obsessed with carrot cake at the moment, so it would most certainly be THAT!!!
    Fab giveaway, thank you x


    I’d use it for measuring out salt and yeast for my homemade bread, where my larger scale isn’t quite so precise on small amounts of very light ingredients…

  8. J Schofield

    Would love this as a present for my mum – she definitely needs some new scales!

  9. Alyssiarose

    I am forever baking so the scales would be a wonderful edition in my kitchen for anything that I could bake!

  10. Suelle

    I’d find a recipe converted from cup and spoon measurements to weights – some of them do very precise conversions for small volumes, making it difficult when your scales only weigh to the nearest 5g.

    Something with a lot of spices in would test out the scales well!

  11. Claire Simmonds

    Five a Day Fruitcake is what I would make with help from this Salter set. It works beautifully if the ingredients are measured carefully. The spatula would be great for making sure every last scrap of mixture was scooped from the bowl, and I might even roll out some marzipan with the rolling pin. Can’t wait!

  12. Jen

    Those scales are a great design, they look nice as well as having extra functionality.

    If I won I’d be baking macarons, need to be very precise for them 🙂

  13. Clairetweet

    I love the look of those scales. I use Salter scales but have a tendency to trash them due to overuse and messy cooking! I dropped one set in the sink! They would be brilliant for bread baking where the heavy load scale would cope with me putting the mixer bowl on and adding the flour and liquids, then the tiny scale could be used for yeast and salt etc. Love the 0.1g precision. The spatulas would be great to use in non stick pans too.

  14. Pina

    i would make risotto. The scale sounds perfect for weighing the rice, Parmesan, etc. i need a new scale 🙂

  15. Jaye- Cardiff in a Tea Cup

    The scales would be fantastic to measure out tea leaves for the perfect amount. It would be particularly useful for cold brew tea. I love the dual platform as it would be good to measure out tea and anything I’d want to add like rose petals etc. I’d also make some macarons as I’m really craving some!

  16. Ali Thorpe

    I’d make savoury stuffed bread rolls with sundried tomato, cheeses and basil.

  17. Maxine

    I’m terrible for not weighing anything, but the scales and the whisk makes me think of making some yummy yorkshire puddings

  18. NickyB

    I’m notorious for my failed baking attempts, so I’d try some cakes to see if the bad craftsman really can blame her tools 😉

  19. Alice Little

    I’m so intrigued by the adjustable rolling pin! I’d probably spend an afternoon making cheese straws of various precision depths to test it out.

  20. Ozzy

    As I’m most likely to move somewhere with an oven in the next half year or so, I could finally try my hand at baking with that equipment. Probably going to start with a savoury pie, maybe pork and chorizo.

  21. Alex standen

    i would teach my god daughter how to bake bread & cakes like my grandmother taught me.

  22. Sheila

    I’d give them to my step grand-daughter as part of her introduction to the world of baking and cooking generally. We have many happy hours baking and part of her learning to count (she’s 4) is telling me when I have the right numbers on my electronic scales when measuring out ingredients. That and asking me many pointed questions about why things have to be done in a certain order, pastry making being one of them.

  23. Hazel Rea

    I’d make the gluten free/milkfree/eggfree chocolate cupcakes I make so all the family can eat them.

  24. Mark Milsom

    I think I may have a go at that Lamb Lucknowi Biryani you have on your site…..just the sort of thing my family goes for

  25. janet humphrey

    Would make my white chocolate and champagne cheesecake first, great blog thanks

  26. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Some lovely American food as I’ve just won an American cookbook and so far have only made Chicken with pecans and maple syrup, which was delicious. 😀

  27. Marcella Clarke

    I would make homemade buttermilk biscuits. If any of my family are lucky, they may very well get one … to share 😉

  28. Ann Goody

    I would make LEMON MERINGUE PIE, hubbies been asking for me to make it for a while, so these would come in handy!

  29. Tracey Hallmark

    I have been promising our 11 year old for ages now that he could help make his favourite Victoria sponge cake with home made raspberry jam and buttercream filling so that would have to be the first thing we would make together to christen this fantastic precision set.

  30. Victoria Prince

    I have a killer (hopefully not literally…) chocolate cake recipe I have been wanting to try 🙂

  31. Andrew Seaman

    With this awesome kit, I would definitely make my good old favorite chocolate and coffee cake


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