Happy Halloween + Indian Pumpkin Recipes

The majority of my friends are real killjoys when it comes to fancy dress, so I seldom indulge. But last year, I went to town with hair dye, skeletons, cobweb scarf, spooky jewellery and green nails.

I think I got the “demented witch” look down pat!

You can learn more about the origins of halloween in my pumpkin carving post from last year.

Happy Halloween from Kavey Eats!

If your interest in pumpkins veers more to the eating than the carving, here are some great Indian recipes for pumpkin from Mamta’s Kitchen, my mum’s website:

And lastly, a recipe that’s also perfect for Diwali celebrations:


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  1. The Grubworm

    Good recipes – I particularly love the use of the coconut in the soup. It's something I haven't tried before, but sounds delicious. It must add a real sweet creaminess to balance out the spice. Lovely.


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