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I’ve enjoyed visiting Hawksmoor, albeit only intermittently, since the days when there was just one of what later became a mini chain of five; each new property to open serving the same impeccably sourced and delicious steaks, super and inventive cocktails and tasty desserts in a wonderfully individual, beautifully furnished, welcoming setting. Owners Will Beckett and Huw Gott created a wonderful brand; a sure bet if you ever fancied a damn good steak at someone else’s table.

In 2013 they sold a majority stake (geddit?) to investors but remained involved in the business, turning their efforts to launching sibling steakhouse Foxlow, which provides a similar offering to Hawksmoor but is aimed at a more local neighbourhood clientele. There are now four Foxlow properties – in Clerkenwell, Stoke Newington, Chiswick and Balham – and certainly on the night of our visit, the newest to open was doing a roaring trade.

Although I’ve seen Foxlow referred to as a less expensive sibling to Hawksmoor, I’d say that prices for the star of the show – steak – are pretty much on a par with Hawksmoor. Starters, sides, sauces and puddings are a touch less, though, but it’s not a huge differential. The vibe is more relaxed though, not that it’s overly formal at Hawksmoor, and the location of this branch close to a tube stop makes it handy for weeknight dining even if you’re not a local.

Just as it does at Hawksmoor, the beef is from native breed cattle reared by The Ginger Pig in North Yorkshire, the meat is dry aged for 35 or 55 days, depending on the cut. Seafood is caught off the South Coast and travels directly from Brixham every morning. Chicken is slow-grown herb-fed Yorkshire Ross. Charcuterie, cheese and bread are similarly carefully sourced.

Which means that whatever you choose from the menu, you’ll be in for a treat.

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7694

Burrata with Sorrel Salsa Verde (£7.5) is fresh, creamy and wonderfully matched by the citrus notes of the sorrel. A good example of allowing quality ingredients to speak for themselves.

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7697

Salmon Crudo, Chilli & Ginger (£7.5) is thinly sliced and lifted perfectly by a light gingery dressing, slivers of hot chilli and a scattering of micro herbs. Delicious and disappears alarmingly quickly!

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7704

300 grams D-Rump 55 days (£18) is cooked medium rare as requested and is a truly delicious piece of meat. (D-Rump, by the way, is cut from the centre of the rump). It’s served with a small bone marrow and onions, no vegetables included, so don’t forget to order (and factor in when assessing the prices of a main meal) your choice of sides. This is as good a steak as any I’ve had in the last year or two, and beautiful smeared with a very tasty Béarnaise, generous servings of which are £1 each.

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7701

We select a 250 gram Rib Eye (£21) from the board (because it’s a smaller weight than the 275 gram cut listed on the menu) and ask for it medium, to give the fat a chance to cook. It’s served rare, so we send it back. Not a bother, a new one cooked exactly as requested is back with us before too long. Never feel nervous to return a steak that is not cooked as you requested – even a good kitchen can get a steak wrong from time to time, especially a thin cut like this, and any good restaurant won’t baulk at changing it for you, as was the case here.

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7703 Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7709

Our sides are a super soft Baked Sweet Potato (£3) and lovely Buttered Anya Potatoes (£3.5).

To drink Pete enjoys a 375 ml carafe of Foxlow House Red (£8.5); it’s odd not to see any hint of what kind of wine it is, but I imagine this allows the restaurant to switch in different wines more easily, and he deems it a perfectly satisfactory easy-drinking red. I have a Vietnamese Iced Coffee (£3.5) which would also make a nice after-dinner drink if you don’t have room for dessert but fancy something sweet and caffeinated!

Foxlow Balham Steak Restaurant on Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle-7714

The desserts list is full of temptations and I lament my lack of space for the Black Forest Brownie (£6.5) but decide instead to steal a few spoons from Pete’s Bourbon Caramel Soft Serve Sundae (£5.5), especially when it arrives with unexpected candied pecans which he doesn’t like but which I am happy to devour.

Is Foxlow the perfect neighbourhood restaurant? Yes. While the interiors may not be as lavish as those of elder sibling Hawksmoor, they are comfortable and attractive. Service is friendly and enthusiastic (to everyone, not just those of us invited to review). And the food, particularly the steak, is every bit as good. Certainly I’d love to have a branch near me (though this one is within easy reach of my current workplace). That said, £90 between two for three courses and only minimal drinks, remains on the high side for an everyday meal, although that line is, of course, different for everybody. But for a little splurge on pay day, or for those little celebrations of milestones achieved, anniversaries and birthdays counted, it’s spot on.

Kavey Eats dined as guests of Foxlow Balham.

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15 Comments to "Foxlow Balham | Neighbourhood Steak Night"

  1. Dave Cross

    On the night we went the food wasn’t up to the quality that you experienced. We found it all rather disappointing. And the need to order side dishes in order to have a complete meal really bumps the prices up. Did you notice that their glasses of wine are smaller than many other places? Oh, and they serve beer in 2/3 pint glasses to disguise the fact that it’s over £6 a pint.

    Did you ever try to old Harrison’s on the same site? That was cheaper and better in my opinion.


    I never went to Harrison’s, I only started working in south London recently. Yes I did mention the pricing issue regarding having to order success separately, pushes the prices up a fair bit. We did enjoy our dishes very well, a shame you had a poor experience. Wine prices seemed fair to me, taking glass size into account. Beer is ridiculously expensive across London these days isn’t it, we didn’t order any on this visit.

  2. Mim

    Hmm, I don’t think I could stretch to those prices for anything but a special occasion, though the food does look lovely.

    (Our local butcher is Walter Rose, who have a really good reputation, so we’re spoiled for quality meat anyhow.)

  3. Kavey

    You are completely right, I never get it either. I’m all for people being able to order how they like it, I’d never do as some chefs claim they’d do and refuse to serve it, but at the same time, it breaks my heart to see good food ruined! 😉

  4. Kavey

    Yes, I imagine they need a fairly busy neighbourhood where people eat out a lot and have disposable income, would imagine Epsom would fit!

  5. Emma @ Supper in the Suburbs

    Oh I do love a good steak! I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting a Hawksmoor or a Foxlow but you’re certainly tempting me. Only question is what are the veggie options like? I often bypass restaurants like Hawksmoor or Gauchos because I always have a vegetarian in toe!


    There isn’t a huge choice, as I imagine demand is low, but they do have these on their mains menu at the moment:
    Ricotta Dumplings, Girolles & Butternut Squash
    Poblano Macaroni Cheese

  6. Heather

    I live near the Stoke Newington branch, and agree exactly with your assessment! Great food, great service and a relaxed vibe but a little pricey for every night dining. They do however do BYOB on Tuesdays (which I have taken advantage of several times!) and the Sunday roast at £18.50 is (in my opinion) really good value.
    I’d like to be able to afford to go a little more often, but saying that I’d rather know I’m getting top quality steak when I do go, then average stuff a little more often.


    Heather, yes indeed, I don’t begrudge the price of the meat as it is very good quality but I couldn’t go to a restaurant at this price point as regularly as I’d like for a neighbourhood favourite!


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