Five Guys & A Gal

This gal has been wanting to visit Five Guys Burgers and Fries for donkey’s years.

Recently, I spent a few days Massachusetts for work. When the US team leader suggested we go there for our last lunch of the week  I nodded and grinned so enthusiastically I think I startled him!

FiveGuysFramingham-4988 FiveGuysFramingham-4990

We grabbed a table, and a few little trays of peanuts – they’re complimentary and you help yourself from a huge bin just inside the door.


Ordering was fast – I hardly had time to read the options before my turn at the counter came up.


I chose a regular burger with pickle relish, pickles, mushrooms and grilled onions, the smallest portion offered of plain (rather than Cajun) fries and a regular soft drink. It came to just over $10 and I couldn’t finish it, though I enjoyed trying!

A nice touch is that all the toppings are included and you can choose as many of them as you like, right up to every single one, though I think that’d overload the burger so much it’d be impossible to eat!

Drinks are self-service from a machine. Your number is called when your food is ready to collect.

FiveGuysFramingham-4984 FiveGuysFramingham-4987

As I expected, the burger was good. Very good. Really, very very good. Two meaty, juicy beef patties, generous portions of my chosen toppings and a sesame bun which just about held together to the end, though it was a close thing. A tasty, tasty burger!

Fries are served in cups but all of us found at least as many loose in the bags as in the (filled) cups. One or two cups between all five of us would have been plenty, though the rest were taken back for hungry colleagues at the office!


Five Guys isn’t glamorous. Five Guys isn’t gourmet. Five Guys isn’t fancy.

It’s simple, greasy, comforting fast food done really well and I loved it!

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12 Comments to "Five Guys & A Gal"

  1. Kathy

    It’s kind of funny. General impression is that burgers have always been popular in the States. If this weren’t true, Mickey D’s probably would have folded ages ago. But it seems that burgers are actually making a BIG comeback. Having lived on the outskirts if not on a college campus years ago, pizza used to be the “it” food with the college crowd. While still immensely popular, pizza’s now been edged out by burgers. Just my observation. Five Guys is pretty reliable. The fries are simply way too plentiful, though, and I personally would prefer them a bit crisper. I do love that they are generous with toppings and will top your burger with pretty much whatever you please. (But now I must stop writing about burgers, as it’s a Friday in Lent—lead me not into temptation, LOL!)


    There’s a big resurgence here too, with a lot more places offering burgers made with higher quality ingredients, to the Five Guys/ Shake Shack/ In N Out style.

    Fries were good and crispy when we visited.

  2. Cliff

    Loved reading about new views of old favs. Besides, I miss burgers like this that the place isn’t “interpreting” it into a $30 meal! Sometimes you just have to get a little greasy. Burger mince here in Oz usually ground completely differently.

    – Cliff, long time reader, neglectful commenter (aka Clifton on TTG and Cliff@spicecrate on twitter)

  3. Stacey

    And I was worried you wouldn’t find anything foodie enough for you in the area!

    I love Five Guys fries and adore the juiciness of their burgers. Can’t go too often (you wouldn’t believe the Weight Watchers point value of them!! and I’m not skimping if I go!) I like ’em loaded, too. Go big or go home.

    I’m with Cliff ^ regarding having something like a burger turned into a gourmet meal. I just wanna burger!! And Five guys delivers. Not a million choices, but consistent and yummy! (and, you didn’t miss anything by skipping the Cajun fries… for me, they sound and look better than they taste.

    Glad you enjoyed!


    I like all kinds of food, not just the gourmet stuff. But it all has to be GOOD!

  4. Amanda

    Oh my gosh! This place reminds me of this retro diner in WA that did good food at a good price and had some quirky burgers on the menu. Need more places like this and less tasteless fast food.


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