Falling in Love with Venice | The Serene City

So much has been written about Venice that it’s hard to think anyone could add anything new. And yet, each of us who visit and fall in love with the serene city forge a unique relationship with it. We create our own mental image formed of our personal favourites – from the buzzing tourist hotspots to calm, quiet corners; from canals lined with grand, time-worn palaces to alleyways of more humble structures; from the quiet bustling of vendors setting up market stalls and cafes in the morning to the buzz and slapping of waves made by waterboats transporting passengers around the waterways and lagoon. We store away a precious memory box of magical experiences all of our own.

This was our third visit to Venice, the first being in 1998 and the second in 2006. On each visit we stayed a little longer, 5 nights then 6 and this time a whole glorious week!

And with a week to play with, we booked an apartment in Castello, one with a spacious bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a lounge with dining table. Located in a stunning historical palace, the apartment offered a wonderful balance between historical charm and modern facilities.

I hope you enjoy this video compilation of scenes from our trip, taken on my mobile phone camera.

For more on our recent trip, check out my post about the beautifully eccentric Libreria Acqua Alta (bookshop), my recommendations of the best places to enjoy a panoramic view of Venice, my comprehensive guide on how and where to find great food in Venice, and the enormously fun experience of learning to row a gondola.

Don’t be put off Venice as a city only for couples; while it can be wonderfully romantic, visiting Venice with kids is also very rewarding. Venice is an essential stop on your Italy itinerary, and do make time to explore not only Venice but Murano and Burano as well.

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Falling in Love with Venice, a video introduction

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27 Comments to "Falling in Love with Venice | The Serene City"

  1. Claire

    Venice is amazing! The canals are so mesmerizing! And like what you said, everyone will have a different view of the same place, so it sure is interesting to get to know Venice from your perspective! 🙂


    Thanks Claire, I agree, so mesmerising and we each have our perspective!

  2. Nicole Anderson

    Oh my goodness…what a lovely video – you just captured the beauty of this iconic city so well. I have never been but do want to go so much. All the canals and the buildings look so gorgeous. I can truly understand why you would keep going back – how could anyone get tired of this place? You now have me anxiously looking forward to your future posts on Venice as I’m thirsty to enjoy more information that I want to use to eventually plan my own trip there. Just love it!


    Thanks Nicole, more posts coming in next few weeks! I am sure you’d love it, even though it’s more crowded these days, it’s still magical!

  3. Marlies

    Venice looks so beautiful! I haven’t been there but I hope I can one day! The reason I haven’t gone yet is because it’s so expensive and I also think you have to visit with someone as well. Maybe some day!

  4. Anne

    Venice is stunning but everywhere in Italy is awesome. Loving the way you captured the city and can’t blame you for wanting to revisit. I’ve been back a few times

  5. Lisa

    I live between London and Veneto, so know Venice very well! However, I don’t do any of the tourist trap sights (!), and actually much prefer visiting just on the outskirts. Lovely video, and glad you had a good time there.

  6. Catherine Salvador Mendoza

    By watching the video, I now no wonder why you keep falling in love with Venice. It truly represents the serenity of a city, the small boats keep coming and in and out are so fun and cute. We have a little imitation of Venice Grand Canal in the Philippines! Next year, we will go to Venice!

  7. Amar singh

    Venice is truely magical and like no other city you will visit. I have been once and like you mentioned there is so much more every time you return. I would love to go back there. Love the video you have compiled. Really enjoy travelling by the water taxi in this city. The ever so famous gondola ride an experience to be remembered for a life time. I would love to go back again soon. Thanks for a great tour of Venice.

  8. Sandy N Vyjay

    Venice is unique and its charm something that is typical to it. Our solitary visit to Venice was a bit rushed, however, it made sure that we fell in love with the city and vowed to ourselves to return again. Your video brought back memories of the place and can hear Venice calling, it is time to visit the beautiful city again.

  9. alison netzer

    Cute video. I love venice and went off season when it was “less’ touristy. Great experience. Looking forward to more.

  10. Shaily

    Wow! Your video has completely swayed my heart and left me spellbound. No amount of words can describe the jaw-dropping beauty of Venice. No wonder it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s on my bucket list for so long. Hopefully I’ll plan a romantic trip to Venice soon. Thanks for sharing this lovely video.

  11. Remo

    I am planning to attend the Venice film festival this year. Hopefully, will be able to finally visit this beautiful city!

  12. Pujarini

    The video has captured the beauty and essence of Venice perfectly. Thank you for taking me on a fascinating tour through the video.

  13. Ami Bhat

    You have got me all nostalgic abt my own trip there. It was short but good enough for me to want to see it again. Third trip. And I envy you. Hope I can visit again like you. Loved the video

  14. FS Page

    Oh! Venice has always been my dream destination and I am yet to visit it. I love how the streets make way for the canals and the unique architecture of the buildings. I loved your vlog and how you have captured the real beauty of Venice. Great work.

  15. Keroll

    Never been there, but would love to go. Really in love with the beautiful, historic streets as far I as see from the pictures. It must feel like visiting Venice


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