Divine Cookies of Dreams (Cooking With Divine: Part II)

As I mentioned in a recent post, now I’ve learned more about Divine Fairtrade Chocolate and Kuapa Kokoo, I am keen to incorporate it into my cooking. And something about this time of year gives me the urge to bake sweet-smelling, great-tasting goodies. Maybe it’s the wintry cold weather? Maybe it’s the run up to Christmas? Whatever it is, when the results are as tasty as this, I’m not complaining!

Previously I tried a recipe from Divine’s cookbook: Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart.

This time I thought I’d use my favourite chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I have blogged about previously under the heading The Cookies Of Dreams.

I used exactly the same recipe as before but halved the mixture before stirring in the chocolate. Into one half I mixed 100 grams of Divine coffee milk chocolate. Into the other half I mixed 100 grams of Divine dark chocolate with raspberries.

As there are only two of us, I baked just 3 cookies of each type, rolling the rest of the dough into two cling-filmed sausages and popping them into the freezer for another time.

Pete reckons the coffee chocolate cookies are better. I prefer the dark chocolate and raspberries variety. Both are absolutely delicious and I really like how using different flavours of chocolate makes it so easy to ring the changes in an already much loved recipe.

If you try this recipe with other types of chocolate, do let me know how you get on! I’m sure, once you bite through the crunchy exterior into the soft, melting interior, you’ll be hooked!

P.S. I’m not being sponsored by Divine. They were simply kind enough to respond positively when I wrote asking if they’d be willing to talk to me about Fairtrade, Divine and Kuapa Kokoo. After our meeting, they kindly gave me some extra chocolate bars to add to my existing stash as well as a copy of their recipe book. (I didn’t realise they had one, but had mentioned my chocolate mousse failure which occurred the a few days before I went in to see them and they took pity on me!)

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6 Comments to "Divine Cookies of Dreams (Cooking With Divine: Part II)"

  1. The London Foodie

    Yummy! Have you thought of trying a savoury recipe like Pork spare ribs in chocolate? Worth it trying, had the most delicious chocolatey spare ribs at Hakkasan a couple of years ago…

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. S

    chocolate, raspberries? mmmm. are you sick of this chocolate now, Kavey? ie will the frozen cookie dough ever be defrosted? 😉

  3. Kavey

    Sick of it? Ha haaa haaaa snort giggle…
    (I'm trying to be healthy and not scarfing the rest of the cookies NOW)


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