Demarquette’s Tea & Coffee Chocolate Caramel Cups

Known as Delights & Decadence, these tea and coffee chocolate caramel cups are one of London chocolatier Demarquette’s new ranges.

DemarquetteTeaCoffee-2157 DemarquetteTeaCoffee-2169

Marc cites his inspiration as “our nation’s symbolic and emotional attachment to the calming element and graceful event of ‘Afternoon Tea’” but doesn’t overlook the coffee-loving half of the population either. The set includes four tea flavours and two coffee ones and retails at £19.75 for a box of 12.

DemarquetteTeaCoffee-2159 DemarquetteTeaCoffee-2166

Of the teas, my favourite is Darjeeling Tea, in which a clear black tea flavour blends beautifully with the smooth caramel and dark chocolate cup.

Jasmine Tea is more subtle, so it’s more about the delicious caramel and dark chocolate.

Chai is all about the spices and marries well with milk chocolate.

Earl Grey Tea, also in dark chocolate, is another one I particularly enjoy; the citrus notes of bergamot are very refreshing.

Bedouin Coffee is the coffee drinkers version of Chai, blending Arabian spices and strong coffee together.

But the coffee one I like more is the lovely Viennese Coffee, containing a delicious coffee and fig caramel inspired by the indulgent coffee shops treats of Vienna.


These are beautiful chocolates and would make a lovely gift for any chocolate, tea and coffee lover.


Kavey Eats was sent samples of the new range from Demarquette Fine chocolates.

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  1. kaveyeats

    No, these are high end chocolates. The outside is a pure chocolate shell, which they have tempered and poured into moulds. Inside that is the caramel filling.


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