Darjeeling Express–Asma Khan Cooks

I met Asma Khan online a few short months ago. It’s always a pleasure chatting about food to someone as enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgable, as Asma. When she needed some advice on how to bottle her Indian chutneys and pickles, I was able to help, having learned how to do this myself only a few years back. On that occasion, we met for ramen at Shoryu and I was pleased that we clicked in real life as we had done via the web.

But when I really fell under Asma’s spell was the evening I tasted her cooking, attending her Darjeeling Express Supperclub, held in her Earl’s Court home.

I’ve grown up with Indian food, not just my mum’s cooking but that of family and friends and a fair few restaurants over the years. My mum’s remains my favourite because it is made for me, with all her love in it and it’s not only delicious but familiar, comforting and wonderful.

But wow, Asma’s cooking is at another level. I’m often impressed by great Indian food but I can’t remember the a time I’ve ever been quite so blown away by the flavours, textures and sheer delicousness of what is essentially home-style cooking.


Every single dish of the incredible selection we were served was excellent but I must give special mention to the cashewnut alo, the paneer Chettinad, the tomato ke cutt, the fish malai curry and the dried apricot dessert, khoobani ka meetha. Chilli fiends in our group were particularly delighted by the mirchi ka salaan, a chilli and peanut stirfry unlike anything we’d had before.


The good news is that you can try Asma’s cooking for yourself, and to be honest, I’d get in there fast because this lady is destined for huge success and I think tickets to her table will only become harder and harder to get your hands on.

Asma is cooking for a one-off special event at the Cinnamon Club later this month, which I’m very much looking forward to. Tickets are selling fast so if you are interested, do book now. Or drop her a line for dates to attend her next supperclub.

Me… I’m still dreaming about that feast…

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15 Comments to "Darjeeling Express–Asma Khan Cooks"

  1. celia

    Happy birthday, Kavey Eats!! I read your tweet on this, and I STILL can’t believe that someone managed to cook Indian food that blew you away – it must have been amazing just to come up to par with your mum’s! 🙂

  2. Corin Leach

    Wow, this food looks spectacular! Just hearing you describe it has made me hungry and it’s only 10:20 in the morning. 🙂


    It’s super, do try and make it to one of Asma’s events and try it for yourself!

  3. Amna Rahman

    I am delighted to see how much you appreciated Asma’s cooking! I am her sister, Amna. What makes me even happier is that you could tell that she cooks with love and passion and has always taken pleasure in feeding people. Her generosity and largeness of spirit comes across in her food. She is very genuine and warm and therein lies the success that she has achieved so far. We come from a family where food plays an integral part of all occasions. What you have experienced is probably the tip of the iceberg!!


    That’s lovely, thanks for reading and commenting. And yes, I’m sure it’s just the tip!

  4. Zoe Perrett

    Was so pleased you loved it all as much as I hoped you would. Looking forward to seeing and serving you a whole galaxy more of Asma’s kitchen wonders at the Cinnamon Club! xxx

  5. kaveyeats

    Really great balance of flavours and not a style of egg curry I’ve ever had before.

  6. shuhan

    dropping a comment finally 🙂

    asma is wonderful. agree her food is amazing, and i;m helping her brand her chutneys, so excited! I know she’s going to make it big 🙂



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