The Hoppers London Lamb Shank Curry

Lamb Shank Curry

This rich and fragrant lamb shank curry from Karan Gokani’s Hoppers The Cookbook is a popular dish on Hoppers’ restaurant menu. In South India and Sri Lanka it’s commonly made with goat or mutton but Hoppers use good quality British lamb to create a fall-off-the-bone dish. This makes a great centre-piece for a meal for ... Read more »

Karan Gokani’s Unroasted Curry Powder

Cucumber Curry Featuring Karan Gokani's Unroasted Curry Powder

This fragrant curry powder recipe is from Karan Gokani’s Hoppers The Cookbook, where it features in many of the book’s recipes including the very delicious Sri Lankan Cucumber Curry. Read my full review of Hoppers: The Cookbook by Karan Gokani. This recipe is also known as thuna paha in Sinhalese, which literally translates as 'three ... Read more »

Leena’s Sri Lankan Cucumber Curry

Leena's Cucumber Curry from Hoppers The Cookbook by Karan Gokani

In the UK cucumbers are predominantly eaten raw or pickled. A backbone of British salads, or dainty finger sandwiches, or combined with yoghurt in dishes such as raita, tzatziki and cacik. But they are also fabulous to cook with, as evidenced by this very quick and easy Sri Lankan cucumber curry from Karan Gokani’s Hoppers ... Read more »

Sri Lankan Garlic Clove Curry

Garlic Clove Curry

Although this delicious Garlic Clove Curry from Eleanor Ford’s The Nutmeg Trail  is suggested as a side dish, it’s so good that it deserves to be the star of the meal! Hailing from Sri Lanka, whole cloves of garlic are cooked in a savoury curry of coconut milk and spices. Despite the relatively short cooking ... Read more »

Sri Lankan White Fish Curry

Sri Lankan White Fish Curry

This beautifully spiced white fish curry can be made with any firm-fleshed fish such as tuna, mackerel or trevally (also known as giant kingfish). The spices give fragrance and flavour, but this isn’t a hot curry. The recipe is from Peter Kuruvita’s Serendip: My Sri Lankan Kitchen cookbook. Read our full review of Serendip: My ... Read more »

Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry

Home Cooked Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry

I would never have thought to use pineapple as the core ingredient in a curry, even though I’ve enjoyed curries made from pumpkin and sweet potato. But this Sri Lankan pineapple curry, combining fresh ripe pineapple with coconut milk and spices, works beautifully and is an absolute revelation. The recipe comes from Peter Kuruvita’s cookbook ... Read more »