Aeolian-Style Summer Salad

Aeolian-style Summer Salad

Tomatoes are one of my favourite vegetables (yes, fruits) of the summer. A full-flavour, sun-ripened tomato is such a joy, it needs a light touch that lets it shine whilst elevating it to its very best. This Aeolian-style tomato salad recipe from Sicilia by Ben Tish achieves that perfectly, pairing sweet tomatoes with anchovies, capers, ... Read more »

Two-Booze Tiramisu

Two-Booze Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a popular classic for good reason! Who could fail to love this creamy dessert with its booze-and-coffee-soaked sponge fingers? It’s often described as the Italian version of a British trifle, with its alternating layers of delicousness. However you describe it, this two-booze tiramisu from Letitia Clark’s Bitter Honey is a crowd-pleaser! Head over ... Read more »

Sardinian Slow-cooked Flat Beans with Tomato, Pancetta and Chilli

Sardinian Slow-cooked Flat Beans with Tomato, Pancetta and Chilli

These Slow-cooked Flat Beans with Tomato, Pancetta and Chilli are the first dish our cookery book reviewer Jack cooked when putting Letitia Clark’s Bitter Honey to the test. Although the book focuses on Sardinian recipes, Clark points out that similar recipes are cooked all over Italy, and across the Mediterranean region. Jack really enjoyed its ... Read more »

Letitia Clark’s Bitter Honey: Recipes and Stories from the Island of Sardinia

Book cover for Bitter Honey by Letitia Clark

Bitter Honey, released in April 2020, shares recipes and stories from the island of Sardinia. Author Letitia Clark has a background working in the restaurant industry, and splits her time between London and rural Sardinia. Knowing little about Sardinian food (within the broader Italian cuisine we encounter in the UK), I am keen to learn ... Read more »

Simple Tomato Bruschetta

It’s odd what you fixate on in times of stress or perceived deprivation, isn’t it? Since we went into lock-down, I’ve been fixating on fresh tomatoes. Dreaming of them, actually. And what better way of enjoying them than a classic bruschetta generously topped with garlicky tomatoes? I want to restrict our supermarket shopping trips to ... Read more »

Caffè La serra | Our Favourite Cafe in Venice

Caffè La serra | My Favourite Cafe in Venice

Cafe culture is quintessentially Italian, and that certainly holds true in Venice. There are a thousand cafes in Venice in which to enjoy a cappuccino, espresso or macchiato, (or tea, beer or soft drinks if you prefer) and we paused in several during our recent visit. Many Venetian cafes offer light meals and sweets, perfect ... Read more »