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Coppa Clifton Village is an all day café, restaurant, bar, and workspace that astutely accommodates the way we live and work today; its relaxed, multi-purpose club-house vibe and all-day menu encourage popping in for anything from a quick coffee on the way to work, a business meeting in colourful and relaxed place, a relaxed family meal, a cocktail (or two) to start a night out, a romantic brunch or dinner…

Coppa Clifton Village Exterior Coppa Clifton Village Interior
Coppa Clifton Village Interior Coppa Clifton Village Bar Area Coppa Clifton Village Interior

The space within Coppa Clifton Village is huge – it’s an immense property with a large double frontage on Regent Road – but the interior has been cleverly sub-divided into lots of different spaces with their own look and feel, that still create a harmonious whole. There are regular tables and chairs, comfortable sofas with coffee tables, long padded banquettes, the bar with its row of elegant bar stools, not to mention a large mezzanine floor with more nooks and crannies.

What I particularly love are the (real) plants plentifully placed throughout – having grown up in a home full of house plants and flowers, living greenery always makes me feel calmer, cozier and more at home.

We visited on a Sunday lunch time and loved how busy the whole space was, with families, groups of friends, couples and solo visitors all enjoying Coppa in different ways. Our table was up on the mezzanine, a well-lit space with the same sub-divisions into dining and lounging areas.

Soft Drinks Female customer with drink in hand

Looking at drinks first, we appreciate in particular the soft drinks menu which offers not only the usual fizzy drinks and juices but also non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, fruit and herb spritzes and iced teas. A separate menu also lists drinks featuring Crossip non-alcoholic spirit and Trip CBD-infused softs.

We love the Wild Berry Spritz (£3.95) and the Elderflower & Mint Limonata (£3.95) we order.

Table Setting at Coppa Clifton Village Restaurant in Bristol

Starters include several temptations including Parmesan Croquettes (£4 / £5.5), Seared King Prawns (£9.5) and Garlic Bread (£4).

Starters at Coppa Clifton Village Restaurant in Bristol Crispy Fried Squid

My Crispy Fried Squid (£8.5) is light and crisp, and I love how it comes with two dips –sriracha mayo and a spicy ponzu dip. And I’m very happy to see both body and tentacles included. Alternating between rich, creamy mayo and the sharp, citrusy ponzu, the squid disappears all too fast!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Pete’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken (£7) comes with chilli mayo and a light, bright coleslaw. The chicken is perfectly cooked – really moist and tender meat in a crunchy coat with a good helping of chilli heat from generously sprinkled shichimi, and the portion is generous enough to share.


Pete is always keen on a good sourdough pizza and his Coppa Hot (£13.5) doesn’t disappoint. The sourdough base forms a decent outer crust and the toppings of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami and ‘nduja are tasty. The size seems a little small for the price – we are used to the much larger individual pizzas served in our favourite Italian pizzerias over the last several years.

Sirloin Steak Sirloin Steak with Chips and Broccoli

I choose the 10oz Dry Aged Sirloin Steak (£26) with truffle cream (£3), which comes with skinny fries and a grilled portobello mushroom. I order it medium rare and it comes medium all the way through but it’s moist and tender, so I don’t ask for it to be changed, especially as there’s been a fair old wait for mains – the restaurant is pretty full and the kitchen are no doubt flat out. I could have done without the jungle of watercress hiding the steak, but perhaps other diners appreciate it. I do love the truffle cream which is really potent in flavour, but wish it were served warmed rather than fridge cold, especially as the steak isn’t hot enough to melt it.

A side of Pan Roasted Sprouting Broccoli (£4.5) is described as cooked or dressed in aged balsamic vinegar and sea salt. It’s the only dish we don’t like, the flavour is really strange, not at all like balsamic and we leave most of it uneaten.

Pecan Pie

We share dessert, a Warm Pecan Pie (£7.5) with honeycomb ice cream. This is superb, stuffed full of pecans held loosely together by a sweet, sticky caramel. The ice cream is a great choice of flavour to go with it. Absolutely delicious!

Espresso Martini and Cafe Latte

After, we have an Espresso Martini (£10) and a Cafe Latte (£2.95), both very enjoyable.

Drinks menu at Coppa Clifton Village Restaurant in Bristol Main menu at Coppa Clifton Village Restaurant in Bristol Desserts menu at Coppa Clifton Village Restaurant in Bristol

Service is attentive to all tables, especially impressive given how busy it is, and I’m both full of respect for and slightly envious of the fitness levels of staff racing up and down the spiral staircase to the mezzanine every few minutes.

I’d love to have a place like this nearer to us; it’s not only a beautiful space but a versatile one too, and I can absolutely imagine myself popping in for a quick coffee, using it as an alternative office (sometimes you really want a change of scene when working from home) or to hold a work meeting, dropping by for an evening drink with friends, or settling in for a leisurely brunch, lunch or dinner. It also has the kind of varied menu that’s handy for groups or families with different tastes, including several healthy eating dishes recently introduced on a separate menu.

Coppa Clifton Village is one of nine locations, with sister branches located in Tower Bridge, Putney, Cobham Village, Henley-On-Thames, Maidenhead, Brighton, Streatley-on-Thames and Sonning-On-Thames; the last two also offer hotel bedrooms alongside the cafe, restaurant and bar space.


Kavey Eats dined as guests of Coppa Clifton Village.
Photographs of exterior and interior provided by the restaurant.

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  1. Kelly

    I love the atmosphere of this restaurant, but I especially love that it serves “healthy” non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies. It seems like the perfect place to relax

  2. Michelle

    This looks fabulous! Can I just come and have pecan pie and espresso martinis? LOL!


    You absolutely could go just for those! That’s the beauty of it being all day and not just for full meals!

  3. Amy

    When you said popping in for a quick coffee, did you mean coffee martini? LOL This looks like a great place to try, especially with the truffle cream.


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