Condensed Milk Ice Creams

The theme for July’s BSFIC challenge was to use sweetened condensed milk as your ice cream base. To my delight, you loved condensed milk ice cream recipes as much as I did; Not only are they quick and easy, but also perfect for those who don’t have ice cream machines.


First to pick up the gauntlet this month was Kate from The Little Loaf. Her Alfajores-Inspired Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Sandwiches look phenomenal! Inspired by the alfajores she enjoyed during a recent trip to Barcelona, she decided to switch the normal dulce de leche filling for an ice cream version instead. Not only does her post include recipes for the biscuits and ice cream filling, but her recommendation of some great bakeries to visit in Barcelona, should you fancy going direct to the source of inspiration!


My Honeycomb Ice Cream Slice was made as a house warming gift for a friend, after I learned it was one of his favourite flavours. The ice cream base is made from just two ingredients – condensed milk and double cream, and needs just a few minutes to whip and combine both before folding in the chosen flavouring, in this case, home made cinder toffee. The base is poured into a tub and frozen, with no need to repeatedly remix it during freezing, as is the case for most no-machine recipes. The result is rich, creamy and delicious and I know we’ll be using the base recipe for many years to come!

No Churn 1-1-5

Ren from Fabulicious Food shared her beautifully summery White Chocolate & Blackcurrant No Churn Easy Ice Cream, which looks so pretty presented in cup cones with wafer tubes. Ren started by making a blackcurrrant puree (but points out you could use the fruit of your choice); created her ice cream base, adding vanilla for extra flavour; then folded in grated white chocolate for texture and flavour, and finally added her coulis. Poured into a container and frozen overnight, it was done!

bsfic condensed milk ice cream

Jo from Comfort Bites is very right to remind us that we too “often pass vanilla ice cream off as something to go with apple pie or in a milkshake but we often don’t refer to it to be enjoyed in its own right, as we do say, chocolate or strawberry ice cream.” So her entry to this month’s challenge is a simple and satisfying Condensed Milk Vanilla Ice. If you need reasons to give condensed milk ice cream a go, read this post.


The first time Julia from Something Missing tried a condensed milk ice cream recipe, she was left with a “big frozen block of chewy fudgyness“. So I’m very pleased she had another go for BSFIC and posted about her Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream recipe. Julia made a mint syrup from fresh mint to flavour the ice cream and also added chopped after eights, as I did in my triple mint choc chip ice cream a couple of months ago. This time, I’m happy to say, her ice cream turned out great!


The next entry was also a No Churn Mint Chip Ice Cream, from Inger of Art Of Natural Living. Until now, Inger didn’t realise you could make easy and fluffy home made ice cream without churning, but she deemed the result delicious. She used a combination of vanilla and peppermint extracts to flavour her cream and condensed milk base, and added a splash of colouring to give her finished ice cream a pretty colour.


Laura from How To Cook Good Food had already been thinking about making chai spiced cookies, and that lead to her idea of Tea Ice Cream and Biscuits. She infused the cream for her ice cream with earl grey and then sandwiched the finished ice cream between earl grey biscuits. Best of all, she discovered that not only does the ice cream taste great from the freezer, the biscuits do too!


Back to me, as I posted a second condensed milk ice cream recipe this month, with this Rich, Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream. This one is nothing like the others, in which whipping the cream incorporates enough air to make the result light and fluffy. It’s a dense, intense hit of bitter chocolate, with a dash of coffee to add further depth of flavour. I used mostly 100% cocoa chocolate, with a little 85% to tone it down a touch (!) and was very pleased with the finished ice cream. Imagine dark, dark chocolate fudge, frozen!

Raspberry cheesecake icecream-12

Wendy, who writes the Chez Chloe blog, starts her post by painting a lovely image of the sights and sounds of Charleston, which she visited on a trip to see her mum – or should I say mom, as Wendy is in the US? Then she shared her Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe, making home made raspberry coulis, which she swirled into her ice cream base – a mixture of cream cheese, condensed milk, cream and milk. She also added graham crackers, a little like digestive biscuits, to represent a cheesecake base.


Millionaire’s Shortbread Semifreddo? Hello! Yes please! Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery came up with an inspired recipe combining the popular pimped shortbread snack with condensed milk ice cream! First she made the shortbread, baked in the same loaf tin she later used for the semifreddo. Next came the ice cream, flavoured with caramel syrup. And lastly, a thick layer of chocolate topping. Frozen, then turned out and sliced to serve; genius!


Who can resist the idea of Banoffee Pie Ice Cream? Not me and not Claire from Under The Blue Gum Tree, who took inspiration from this classic dessert to create her ice cream. She used a David Lebovitz recipe for roasting the bananas, which she mixed into a condensed milk and cream base, adding crushed biscuits to represent the base. The finished result really does look delicious.

Vanesther writes Bangers and Mash, a blog about cooking good food and eating well on a budget. For her entry, she’s made a Raspberry, Lemon and Mint Semifreddo for which she added lemon juice and zest, fresh mint and plumb fresh raspberries to the condensed milk and cream base. It looks so pretty when sliced, and the flavour combination sounds wonderfully refreshing.

homemade raspberry ripple ice cream 500 px

Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes is no stranger to blog events, providing a monthly round up of all the open challenges she can find, on her other site The Food Blog Diary. She was inspired to enter this month after seeing Ren’s white chocolate and blackcurrant entry earlier in the month. For her Raspberry Ripple and White Chocolate Ice Cream, Jacqueline made the basic condensed milk, cream and vanilla base, then added a fresh raspberry ripple and smooth white chocolate buttons.


Bree from the Goldtoast Supper Club has taken a stroll down memory lane by sharing a Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream she first made as a child. It used to be the favourite of an old friend, and Bree thought she’d revive the tradition and remind her friend what they’d been missing. To a standard base of condensed milk and cream, she added hazelnuts, nougat and nutella.


Jennie at Things I Eat has, once again, made me seriously consider whether I should turn up at her place with begging bowl (and spoon) in the hope of being granted a taste of her latest ice cream concoction. This month, she’s made Dead Elvis, featuring a condensed milk and cream base loaded with crunchy peanut butter, crisped streaky bacon, salted caramel sauce and chopped bananas cooked in the caramel sauce.

Blackcurrant Icecream 2

And one last entry, a late one sent in after the round up was already posted: this lovely Blackcurrant Icecream from Lucy at The Kitchen Maid. With half a jar of blackcurrant jam in the fridge, not to mention a large bottle of cream (and nothing for the babysitter to eat that evening), she quickly picked up a tin of condensed milk and some white chocolate chips and whipped up a delicious ice cream.


For Pinterest users, I’ll be pinning entries to my BSFIC Entries board, so if you’d like to repin any to your own boards, do check that out.

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22 Comments to "Condensed Milk Ice Creams"

  1. Dominic

    wonderful round-up… they all look so creamy… i TOTALLY ran out of time but I do have the ingredients and will still make my honey and ginger ice-cream and post it next week… lovely collection of ice cream x

  2. kaveyeats

    Cookwitch wanted to try a yoghurt/ condensed milk ice cream, how does it come out?

  3. Choclette

    I just love the creativity that comes out in these challenges. Such fantastic ice-cream. Can I just go round with a little spoon and try a bit of each? Thanks for doing another delicious round-up.


    That’s what I want to do! Wish I could insist an entry requirement was to courier me a taste of the finished ice cream!!! ;-P

  4. Miss South

    This is always a good challenge but this month is especially good. I actually made an entry and decided not to blog it because I assumed someone else would have done the same, but no one went for Vietnamese style coffee after all! It was my first thought when you said condensed milk…

    Thanks for introducing me to condensed milk bases, they are so easy! Btw, I got full sized cans of condensed milk in my local Polski Sklep for about half the price of the usual small cans which made me very happy!


    Aaw no what a shame! But anyway, it’s not a problem if there are two or three similar ones, everyone always brings their own twist to them anyway!

  5. Donna D

    I am so sorry I missed the posting deadline I’ve been so overwhelmed with Olympics mania (am volunteering for things). We made a super scrummy salted dulce de leche swirl with honey roasted pecans. I will let you know with a tweet when I get it up on my blog. But let’s just say it was like salted caramel, only better. Until then, happy Olympics!


    Completely understand! Glad you enjoyed the ice cream you made, though and look forward to reading about it whenever you do post it. x


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