Coffee Gator’s Pour Over Coffee Brewer & Canister

Coffee Gator produce a range of beautiful looking coffee accessories, with glass and brushed chrome blended with smart design features. The brand launched in 2015, created by coffee enthusiast Phil Williams.

Even their coffee canisters are stylish bits of kit, with some considerable improvements over my re-purposed jam jar. Not only is each canister generously sized, it has a one-way valve to allow CO2 to escape, and it even has a built in dial to track how old your coffee is (not that coffee ever lasts long enough in my house for age to become an issue!)

Coffee Gator pour over and canister

Although my brewing kit of choice is usually my trusty Aeropress, there are times when I want more than a single mug of coffee and that’s when I reach for alternatives. Once upon a time, this was courtesy of a cafetiere (also known as a French press) but more recently I’ve preferred drip filter coffee made in pour over jugs. The downside to traditional pour over models like the Chemex coffeemaker, of course, is that they require the use of coffee filters – much bigger (and pricier) filters than my little Aeropress consumes.

Coffee Gator’s Pour Over Coffee Brewer replaces the paper filter with a fine stainless steel mesh filter paired with a beautiful looking glass jug. Mine is sold as their ‘3 cup’ size but the jug is marked up to 4 cups and produces enough coffee for around 2 mugs.

The filter is impressively effective, handling my regular grind far better than any cafetiere I’ve ever used and certainly on a par with a paper filter. The resulting coffee has the clean, gentle character of drip coffee that you can enjoy right down to the last drop – no sludge at the bottom of the pot to worry about!

There are a couple of minor negatives; firstly, although highly effective the filter itself is on the edge of being too small. With two scoops of coffee in it, there isn’t much room left for water which makes the filtering process a little tedious – I’d say it was half the capacity of my V60 filter. That said, cleaning it was a breeze – a quick tap knocked 90% of the grounds straight out, and the filter was left gleamingly clean after a brief run under the tap.

The other niggle is common to most higher-capacity brewing options – the coffee in the jug cools pretty quickly, so when you go back for your second mug it’s already cold. Without a heating stand, I’m not expecting it to be piping hot, but I think the open neck nature of the jug means it cools faster than more enclosed options like a cafetiere.

That said, this is an elegant and well-designed bit of coffee-making kit that’s an absolute pleasure to use and the attractive lines make it an item that begs to be left out on display.

Kavey Eats received review product samples from Coffee Gator. All opinions are our own. 

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31 Comments to "Coffee Gator’s Pour Over Coffee Brewer & Canister"

  1. Fiona Maclean

    oh I like that – no more paper filters! And probably perfect for me as I tend to only be making one cup! I am guessing it’s still easier to clean than a cafetiere?

  2. Helen

    That looks great. I don’t drink much coffee and I’m scared of the espresso machine (!) so something that makes a great brew AND is as easy as a cafetière sounds like it was designed just for me ?


    Yes, really easy to use, and easy to clean. And it’s available in two sizes, this one and a slightly smaller one.

  3. Kacie

    I bet this makes a lovely cup of coffee – wouldn’t mind drinking that on Christmas Day morning as I’m opening my presents!

  4. Heidi Roberts

    I have gone back to the pour over method of the old days. With today’s choice of coffee you get a really lovely cuppa!

  5. kaveyeats

    I’ve included the Amazon UK link so check what is showing in the delivery estimate? ❤️

  6. Tiffany Alexandria

    This is great! So much more eco-friendly than the coffee machines. I prefer to make my coffee fresh by hand rather than having a button that brews them automatically. will definitely consider this, and this makes a gorgeous xmas gift!!

  7. Choclette

    I’ve recently got back into drinking coffee again, so I’m looking at coffee posts with new interest. . I really like the idea of this coffee brewer as there’s no paper wastage.

  8. Susan R

    I like the fact that this machine does away with the need for a paper filter. My hubby would love it!

  9. Claire Thomas

    I think my hubby would like the storage – he is always looking at different advice on storing his coffee (currently: in fridge, in cannister) so that may help!


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