A Clifton Breakfast at the Rosemarino cafe bar

After a wibbly, wobbly night on an air mattress on our friend Matt’s living room floor, we decided a good hearty breakfast was in order. By the time we’d slowly heaved and panted our way up the very steep hill from Hotwells to Clifton (ok all the heaving and panting was only on my part) we really deserved something delicious. And hearty.

We found both at the relatively new Rosemarino cafe bar at 1 York Place.

The space is light, airy and welcoming and the menu full of appealing dishes such as sautéed mushrooms, parmesan and sage on toast (£5), meat and veggie cooked breakfasts (£6.95) and simple bacon butties (£4).


Coffee is excellent and comes with glasses of iced water – a nice touch.

Pete and I both ordered Tommy’s 1 pan wonder – bacon, onion, mushrooms and potatoes fried in 1 pan with 2 eggs cracked on top and melted cheese, served with toast (£5.50). It was as marvellous as it sounds with generous helpings of sticky, sweet onions and salty bacon and plenty of potatoes and cheese. A high fat content too which would make it an absolutely stellar hangover cure!

Matt made very happy noises over his eggs benedict (£6.50) with poached eggs and speck served on muffins and drenched in a home-made Hollandaise sauce.

Based on their breakfast offerings, I’d love to see what their lunch menu is like. If you visit, do let me know.

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5 Comments to "A Clifton Breakfast at the Rosemarino cafe bar"

  1. The Grubworm

    Oh, Tommy's 1 pan wonder looks like a thing of joy! If I were hung over I'd want to just bury my face in it and breath in hard. The eggs benedict look good too, but just not as exciting as bacon, eggs, cheese and potatoes all in one plate. It's like a gourmet version of the sort of thing we used to make as students on a sunday morning (that';s a compliment btw).

  2. Foodycat

    I tell you what, that one-pan wonder may make an appearance on my breakfast table soon! Christmas morning, to fortify me through the day?

  3. Ben

    1 pan wonder looks fab! And almost right on my way to work! I think a detour is in order one day next week 😛

  4. Kavey

    Grub, yeah it definitely said A1 hangover cure to me!

    FC, let me know how you get on!

    Ben, will you let them know about the review, I didn't take a contact.

    Mym, by the time we got there it was mid- to late-morning … and I still didn't finish mine though I gave it a good try!


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