Chocolate Blogger Turns Chocolatier

Alright, that’s not strictly true… but having tasted my friend and renowned chocolate blogger Dom’s banana caramel chocolates recently, I wish it were.

DomsEggs-0127 DomsEggs-0131

They only look scuffed in my photos because they fell out of the bubble wrap on the way home. They were smooth and shiny when I was given them!

The chocolate was perfectly tempered (and I know from experience, this takes patience and accuracy) and the shells were thick and delicious but the star of the show was the fabulous banana caramel filling – a perfect balance between ripe fruit and deftly browned sugar.


Salted Banana Caramel Chocolates

I asked Dom for his tips on how to make the delicious banana caramel. He explained that he adapted Marc Demarquette’s basic technique for making salted caramel as follows:

He took a single banana, chopped it up and simmered it in double cream for a few minutes before mashing it into the cream, letting the mixture cool and forcing it through a sieve. The result was a thick banana cream that he used in place of regular cream when making the caramel. He also used a touch less sea salt than the original recipe.

Sounding very much the pro, he says about making the caramel, “starting out with a bit of water in the pan means you’re less likely to burn the sugar, then you really just make it by eye”.


If I could persuade Dom to go into business, I’d be a loyal customer. He’d definitely give some of the chocolatiers he writes about a run for their money!

Thanks, Dom!

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  1. Choclette

    Oh well done Dom. The fillings I can cope with, but I still haven’t mastered tempering and those shells look perfect.


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