Travel Quote Tuesday | Thomas Moore

Although I’ve not been up on the London Eye for many years, I went on it a few times in the months just after it opened and was captivated by the views of London. Surprisingly, for someone who doesn’t like heights, I was totally fine in the Eye, probably because there’s no wobbliness at all, ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Roy Goodman

What style of travel makes you happy? For me it’s travelling in reasonable comfort, staying in a great location for the destination, good weather (between 15 and 25 C – I don’t like it too hot) and plenty to see and do and learn and experience. I am happiest when travelling with Pete, though I ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Aitareya Brahmana

The Brahmanas are a collection of ancient Hindu theological texts. They incorporate Hindu myths and legends, explanations and instructions about Vedic mantras and rituals, and commentaries of a more philosophical nature. Veda is the Sanskrit word for Knowledge, and the Vedic texts are the focus of religious instruction and study. There are different schools of ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Norman Foster

London has been shaped by so many architects over the centuries. One of the foremost of the modern era is Lord Norman Foster; he and partners within his architectural firm have designed so many iconic buildings, not just in London but across the UK and all around the world. Indeed, I didn’t even realise until ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Ray Bradbury

I asked in a previous week’s Travel Quote whether there’s a big overlap between those who love to travel and explore, and those who enjoy reading (or watching) science fiction. Taking joy in imagining places you haven’t been, what life might be like there, seems to me the common theme of both. Ray Bradbury was ... Read more »