Interviews with restaurateurs, food writers, fellow bloggers, food and drink producers and others.

Monday Meet The Blogger | Neil Davey aka Dine Hard

Neil often has me oohing with envy when he shares the details of his latest press trip. Even worse when he tweets photos of his borrowed Bentley by the Great Wall of China or the latest American road trip featuring lobster or real deal barbeque meat. In addition, Neil (and his wife Mrs Dine Hard) ... Read more »

Monday Meet The Blogger | Leyla Kazim

A blogger after my own heart is fellow Londoner Leyla Kazim, who is as enthusiastic about eating out in London and as excitable about travelling and eating around the world as I am myself. Find out more about Leyla in today’s Meet The Blogger. Hello and welcome, plea­se introduce yourself and tell us a little ... Read more »

Monday Meet The Blogger | The Spice Scribe

If you ever attend a blogger event and spot a whirlwind of energy and smiles, a warm and exuberant character with a truly deep love for Indian food, you can be sure that you’ve found Zoe, aka The Spice Scribe. More recently, she also launched a second blog to share her love of chocolate. Find ... Read more »

Monday Meet The Blogger | Miss South

For the second of my new Monday Meet The Blogger series, I talk to Miss South, one half of the sibling duo behind North South Food. Hello and welcome, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about the kind of content you share. I’m Miss South, one half of North/South Food. (Mister North is ... Read more »

Monday Meet The Blogger | Big Spud

I’m an avid blog reader. That may seem an obvious thing to say as a blogger myself but I know many bloggers who rarely read more than a handful of other blogs, and few outside their circle of friendship. I regularly read a few hundred blogs – easy to do with an RSS reader – ... Read more »

Recipe Video | Chorizo, Spinach, Onion & Potato Frittata

An affordable recipe perfect for alfresco dining, making use of British ingredients. That’s what I was asked to create when invited me to film another recipe video with them. (For my first, I shared the recipe for my mum’s tandoori roast lamb, an alternative suggestion for Christmas dinner.) This time, I made a frittata, ... Read more »

My Beautiful Niece

Twenty one and a half years ago, Pete and I started dating. A few months later, I went down to Beckenham to meet my future in-laws. Of course, I had no reason to be, but I was pretty nervous all the same. Not only was I meeting his parents but three of his siblings and ... Read more »

Introducing Guest Blogger Diana Chan

Back in June I spent a lovely weekend attending the Oxford Food Symposium, held in St Catherine’s College, Oxford. It’s very remiss of me not to share the experience here on the blog, as I had a wonderful time attending delightfully diverse lectures, meeting fellow delegates and appreciating the excellent catering. But I made few ... Read more »