Interviews with restaurateurs, food writers, fellow bloggers, food and drink producers and others.

Meet The Blogger | Fiona Beckett

For many of us who blog, our blogs were our first foray into writing for a (potential) audience. Some were simply looking for a way to record their efforts (in the arenas of food, craft, poetry, DIY…) for future reference; some wanted a way to share an aspect of their lives with real life friends ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

I’ve absolutely loved introducing you to some of my favourite bloggers, and their blogs in 2014, and will be continuing to share these going forward. However, I’ve decided to drop the frequency from weekly to fortnightly for the time being, to give me more time to focus on other content I have in the pipeline. ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | Celia from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial

Some people are quick to blame the internet for the downfall of courtesy, culture, community, the breakdown of society… you name it. Social media in particular is singled out as a poor substitute for “real” social interaction, dismissed as a tool beloved by the socially awkward. But many of us know this for the fallacy ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | London Bakes

Few blogs make me as hungry while reading as baking blogs, and London Bakes is another of my favourites. Kathryn focuses on gluten-free baking, sharing a wide range of delicious baked treats. Hello and welcome, plea­se introduce yourself and tell us a little about the kind of content you share. Hello, my name is Kathryn ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | Monica Shaw

A health-focused, almost-vegetarian wellbeing blogger (not me) and a hedonistic lover of all the things that are bad for you (that’d be me, for the avoidance of any doubt) might not be considered natural bosom buddies and yet, Monica Shaw and I have become dear friends. We’ve even had drunken conversations about bosoms, come to ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | What Kate Baked

Sometimes I find myself pondering odd little questions… such as “Can peoples’ names have some weird kind of influence over their hobbies?” That particular question popped into mind when I noticed how many of the baking blogs I follow are run by people called Kate. “Do Kates have a predisposition to bake and blog?” Regardless ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | The Botanical Baker

Like many of the bloggers I’ve invited to this little series of interviews, Urvashi Roe aka The Botanical Baker, has fast become a dear friend. We first met in person (along with her two gorgeous daughters) on a press trip down to Cornwall and bonded over a shared interest in food (of course!), Japan and ... Read more »

Finding the Joy in Life

By most measures, I have a good life. I have a husband I adore, a loving family and wonderful friends. I am self-employed in IT and enjoy my job. Our house is utter chaos but at least it’s ours and, hey, it’s lived in! I have a smile on my face most of the time. ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | Ren Behan

I first met Ren a few years ago at a blogger event and have been an admirer of her blog ever since. Her recipes are always appealing, her writing is warm and engaging and her photographs show off a her very elegant personal style. Hello and welcome, plea­se introduce yourself and tell us a little ... Read more »

Meet The Blogger | Fish Fingers For Tea

Today, I welcome another friend to participate in Meet The Blogger. Please say hello to Sian Reynolds, who writes the wonderfully named Fish Fingers For Tea. Hello and welcome, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about the kind of content you share. Hello! I’m Sian from Fish Fingers for Tea. I’m a huge ... Read more »