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Bang Bang Oriental | A Phoenix From The Ashes of Colindale’s Oriental City

This is a really happy day. I’m so thrilled that I’m actually sitting here grinning like a loon as I write this, having just this second got home from Bang Bang Oriental. It opened this weekend and I was there like a shot. Bang Bang Oriental, you see, is the replacement for Oriental City which ... Read more »

Blacklock City | All The Meat II

Blacklock City is the perfect date night restaurant for steak lovers. OK, fine, it’s pretty great for eating out with friends and workmates too; as long as everyone is a fan of red meat, everything’s shiny! But my visit was a date night with Mr Pete Drinks. And it was lovely. Two years after the ... Read more »

Exploring the South Coast of Cornwall from the Comfort of Trenython Manor

There’s something rather wonderful about staying in a beautiful historic property full of original features in a part of the world you adore. CLC Trenython Manor in Tywardreath, Cornwall  is one such place. In its day job, it’s part of the portfolio of CLC World Resorts & Hotels, a resort developer selling holidays through property ... Read more »