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It Starts with Veg by Ceri Jones

Book Cover: It Starts with Veg by Ceri Jones

For more than half of my lifetime, the way the majority of people in the UK ate was to plan a meal around a protein, most commonly meat or fish. The carbs and veg were secondary, and chosen to compliment the protein. There’s been a gradual move away from that–accelerated in the last two decades–to ... Read more »

Microwave Miso Walnut Brownies

Miso Walnut Brownies

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies? Even better, chocolate brownies with miso and walnuts made in about 20 minutes including mixing the batter and cooking? Look no further than these amazing Microwave Miso Walnut Brownies from Tim Anderson’s Microwave Meals cookbook, full of amazing recipes that show the incredible versatility of this oft-maligned kitchen appliance. Read our ... Read more »

Gekikara Chilli Chicken Ramen

Gekikara Chilli Chicken Ramen

In Japanese, gekikara roughly translates as ‘extremely spicy’ and that’s an apt description for this punchy bowlful of Gekikara Chilli Chicken Ramen from Tim Anderson’s Microwave Meals cookbook. Like every recipe in the book, this dish is cooked using only one cooking appliance–the microwave; and all the elements (broth, chicken, vegetables and noodles) are all ... Read more »

Steamed Aubergine with Smoky Lime and Fish Sauce

Steamed Aubergine with Smoky Lime and Fish Sauce

Like Tim, we are a huge fan of Thai salads including yum makhua yao (a grilled aubergine salad). Tim’s clever microwave version from his latest cookbook, Microwave Meals is simple to make, fragrant with herbs and dressed in a deliciously bright and punchy sauce. Instead of charring the aubergine to achieve the dish’s characteristic smoky ... Read more »

Microwave Meals by Tim Anderson

Cover of Microwave Meals by Tim Anderson

It’s no secret that we love Tim Anderson’s cookbooks and recipes here at Kavey Eats! After being amazed and delighted by the Microwave Mabo Aubergine recipe from his book Bowls and Bento, we were ridiculously excited to dive into his latest cookbook, Microwave Meals, full of amazing recipes showcasing the versatility of this oft-maligned kitchen ... Read more »

Taiwanese Cold Sesame Noodles (涼麵, Liang Mian)

Cold Sesame Noodles

A simple noodle dish garnished with egg, cucumbers, and carrots with a sesame sauce, Liang Mian is a popular dish sold from casual eateries, street food stalls and convenience stores across Taiwan. This recipe is from Made in Taiwan by Clariss Wei, published by Simon and Schuster. Read our detailed book review of Made In Taiwan. ... Read more »

Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken (三杯雞, Sān Bēi Jī)

Three Cup Chicken

Three-Cup Chicken is a quick, easy and delicious dish to make, perfect for a midweek meal or part of a weekend feast. Originating in the Jiangxi Province of China, it came to Taiwan with the Hakka people. The Taiwanese version adds a big handful of basil and is a staple of both home cooking and ... Read more »

Taiwanese Scallion Pancake | 蔥油餅, Cōng You Bˇıng

Scallion Pancake

Crispy, soft and flaky scallion (spring onion) pancakes are a popular street food in Taiwan. Made from a wet, unleavened dough rather than a batter, they are often eaten for breakfast, but can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with or without an egg. Fried fresh for each customer, vendors usually roll them ... Read more »

Made In Taiwan by Clarissa Wei with Ivy Chen

Made In Taiwan by Clarissa Wei with Ivy Chen

“Taiwanese food, that’s basically the same as Chinese, isn’t it?” That’s the refrain I heard from quite a few people when we planned our two holidays to Taiwan. The answer is “yes and no“, but that “no” is no small thing at all. Yes, a large swathe of Taiwanese cuisine has similarity to Chinese dishes ... Read more »

Slow Cooker Beef Joint in Pedro Ximinez and Red Wine (Two Ways)

Slow Cooker Beef Joint in Pedro Ximinez and Red Wine

A joint of beef cooked slowly in a braising liquid of beef stock, red wine and Pedro Ximinez sherry with whole shallots, sliced onions and carrots makes a perfect winter warmer and also fits the bill whenever you’re seeking comfort. This recipe can be served two ways: cook the beef joint until it’s tender but ... Read more »