The Joys of Deep Fat Frying

As anyone who read my post about Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts will be aware, we were recently sent a Judge Cookware Multi Basket Deep Fat Fryer to review and I had a list as long as my arm of recipes to try! In an era that’s obsessed with healthy eating for longevity, in which media ... Read more »

Hydros Filtering Water Bottle

I don’t order bottled water in restaurants. We are fortunate enough to live in a country with safe, clean and reasonably plentiful drinking water. It strikes me as crazy to pay (financially and environmentally) to drink bottled water instead. There’s an argument for those who prefer carbonated, in which case buying fizzy bottled water is ... Read more »

Making Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts + A Review of Pure Vanilla

When you think of foods that benefit from deep frying, what springs to mind? For me, the list was long… Fried chicken, battered fish, proper chips, pakoras, tempura, tortilla chips, sesame prawn toasts, whitebait, crisps – not just potato but courgette, parsnip and beetroot, fried tofu, onion rings, samosas, calamari, gulab jamon, even deep fried ... Read more »

Paris Qooqing Comes to UK

Earlier this month I went to Paris to meet the QOOQ – not, in this case, a quirky cook but a French-designed and made tablet aimed at foodies (or foodistas, as they call them in France). Tablets may seem two a penny these days, but the QOOQ was actually conceived and launched before the iPad ... Read more »

Lakeland’s Cheese Making Kit

When I attended a Lakeland product preview event this summer, the products that excited me most were the components that, together, form a cheese making kit. Sold separately, the recommended items are a large stainless steel maslin pan (though any similar large pan would be fine), a digital thermometer, two different cheese moulds, vegetarian rennet ... Read more »

Review | Oxo Good Grips Mandolin Slicer & Angled Measuring Jug

I was recently invited to review some products from The Oxo Good Grips range. I’ve used and purchased some of the kitchen utensils before, and really like the well-designed handles, which are both easy to grip and ergonomically comfortable to hold. I chose to review their mandolin slicer and an angled measuring jug. Oxo Mandolin Slicer ... Read more »

Thermomix: Quick Tasks

Although we’ve been putting the loan Thermomix through its paces making basil tagliatelle and ragu and a quick guacamole, we’ve also found it a great help for other kitchen tasks. Last year, Pete grew his own wheat, and has been grinding it as and when he wanted to use some in home made bread. Grinding ... Read more »

Thermomix Review: Guacamole

I’ve already posted about the results of my first trials of the Thermomix I’ve been loaned for a couple of months, in this post about basil tagliatelle and ragu bolognese. Another of the recipes I tried, looking for those where the varied functions of the Thermomix would clearly save me time and effort, was the ... Read more »