Comprehensive cookery class reviews.

Indian Street Food Cooking Class at Demuths | Bath

Making an Indian spice blend

Ready to get started, 12 eager students hop onto stools arranged around an island within the large and bright custom-built school kitchen. Rachel Demuth, our class tutor for the day, starts by reminding us that “India is a huge country with thousands of different recipes and different ways of cooking“. Key to the cuisine is ... Read more »

Making French Pastries at the Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked French pastry for breakfast? Flaky, buttery croissants, pillowy brioche with jam or perhaps a pain au chocolat if you’re feeling decadent. In my house this usually means an early morning walk to the nearest bakery but today I’m learning how to make these breakfast delights for myself. Located in ... Read more »

Catalan Pig Day Cooking Class

Handmade fuet sausages hanging up

It’s not often you arrive to a cookery class to an entire pig’s head laid out on the counter accompanied by a bowl of trotters, a liver and a bag of pig’s blood. But Catalan Pig Day is not your typical class. This unusual lesson is run by Rachel McCormack, an accidental expert in Catalan ... Read more »

Yijo Restaurant: Authentic Korean Cooking & Super Cookery Classes

Pete and I have quickly become regular visitors to Yijo Restaurant since our first visit just a couple of months ago. Head chef Jun Pyo Kwon serves up a delicious, authentic and very reasonably priced menu in this unassuming neighbourhood restaurant, just by Central Finchley tube station. You may have tried Jun Pyo’s cooking before, ... Read more »

Holy Smoked Mackerel, Batman!

Four years ago a course at Billingsgate Seafood Training School changed my life. If that seems like it might be an exaggeration, rest assured that it really isn’t because, in a roundabout kind of way, it lead to me finally making it to Japan, a country I’d long yearned to visit. That’s a story for ... Read more »

Norwegian Fish Soup Recipe

In December I was invited to a seafood cookery class hosted by my friend Signe Johansen (blogger, food writer and food anthropologist) on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council, to showcase the quality of Norwegian seafood and share some ideas for how to make the most of it. Having cooked several different dishes with the ... Read more »

Scandinavian Cooking with Trine at Food at 52

I’ve already attended a couple of cookery classes at Food at 52 – Flavours of Italy run by school founder John and Scandinavian Christmas Baking with Trine Hahnemann. Recently, I went back to attend another of Trine’s classes, Flavours of Scandinavia. The class focuses on the kind of simple, healthy cooking that Scandinavians enjoy at ... Read more »