In-depth cookery book reviews.

Letitia Clark’s Bitter Honey: Recipes and Stories from the Island of Sardinia

Book cover for Bitter Honey by Letitia Clark

Bitter Honey, released in April 2020, shares recipes and stories from the island of Sardinia. Author Letitia Clark has a background working in the restaurant industry, and splits her time between London and rural Sardinia. Knowing little about Sardinian food (within the broader Italian cuisine we encounter in the UK), I am keen to learn ... Read more »

Japanese Food Made Easy By Aya Nishimura

Japanese Food Made Easy By Aya Nishimura

There’s a real disconnect between how complex many Brits perceive Japanese cooking to be, and how difficult it actually is. In reality, the majority of every day Japanese food is straightforward to make, especially if you have a clear, easy-to-follow recipe. That’s where Aya Nishimura’s Japanese Food Made Easy comes in, a cookbook to help ... Read more »

Sally Butcher’s Meze: Snacks, Small Plates and Street Food from the Middle East

Book cover for Meze: Snacks, Small Plates and Street Food from the Middle East by Sally Butcher

Meze: Snacks, Small Plates and Street Food from the Middle East is my first introduction to the work of Sally Butcher who has had a very successful career in food as a writer of many cookbooks such as Persia in Peckham, Veggiestan and Snackistan and also as the owner and chef of the iconic Peckham-based ... Read more »

Carpathia by Irina Georgescu

Front cover of Carpathia: Food from the Heart of Romania by Irina Georgescu

Romania was a complete mystery to me. The closest I’d come was giving a desperately homesick, mosquito-bitten Romanian waitress in a remote Greek village a bottle of my repellent spray. She responded with heartfelt thanks and an equally heartfelt description of the beauty, warmth and vibrancy of her homeland. The poignant depth of her desire ... Read more »

Oats in the North, Wheat from the South by Regula Ysewijn

Book jacket for Oats in the North, Wheat from the South: The History of British Baking, Savoury and Sweet by Regula Ysewijn

Regula Ysewijn has had a fascination with British food since she was a young child, which may not sound that unusual until you learn that she was born and grew up in Belgium. Baking is a particular passion of hers, which informed both her first book Pride and Pudding, and her latest title, Oats in ... Read more »

Andrew Kojima’s No Sushi

Book cover for No Sushi by Andrew Kojima

‘No Sushi’ is part autobiography, part cookbook, written by chef restaurateur and winner of Masterfchef 2012, Andrew Kojima. The title is a reference to the (gradually eroding) British perception of Japanese food being all about sushi, the topic of a conversation Koj had with his Japanese father shortly before he died. It’s also the name ... Read more »

Tim Anderson’s Japaneasy

Tim Anderson's Japaneasy cookbook

Recently, I reviewed Tim Anderson’s Vegan Japaneasy. Now I want to tell you about his previous title, Japaneasy. Stylistically – in voice and in approach – both cookbooks are stamped with the humour, personality, skill and enthusiasm of their author, so I’ll avoid duplicating my own equally enthusiastic approval of all four traits (warning: probably ... Read more »