Kavey has always had a soft spot for ice cream (not to mention sorbet, ice lollies and even slushies). We love sharing our own recipes plus the best from fellow bloggers.

September BSFIC: Spices

Running Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream has lead to my getting to know many more bloggers and ice cream lovers, not just in the UK but from around the world. Recently, I made a new online friend, Laura Weiss, New York journalist and author of Ice Cream: A Global History, when she commented on a ... Read more »

Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream: August Roundup

With thoughts of summer holidays in mind, I set the theme for August’s BSFIC as ice lollies. Summer made you lethargic, and we had less entries than usual, but that simply gave a better a chance to win the wonderful prize from Lakeland, for those who made the effort! Here are all the lollies! So ... Read more »

Kavey’s Genius Pickleback Ice Lollies!

Heeeeeell, YES, I made pickleback ice lollies! And they are mighty, mighty fine! First, I made straight pickled gherkin ice lollies, inspired by an idea I came across when searching for Zoku character designs. I used pickling juice (and a little sliced gherkin) from the jar I bought back with me from Amsterdam earlier this ... Read more »

July BSFIC: Condensed Milk

Probably the most common base for ice creams submitted to Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream so far is custard, closely followed by cream. With the exception of the sorbet, granita and spoom challenge, of course! This month, I’m inviting you to make an ice cream or semi-freddo using (sweetened) condensed milk – the stuff you ... Read more »

Avocado Ice Cream

Where once I might have got most of my inspiration from cookery books, food magazines and even the telly, these days a lot comes from online content. Not just other food blogs (of which I read hundreds and hundreds) but also twitter and, lately, Pinterest. I was intrigued by the avocado and coconut sorbet my ... Read more »