Kavey has always had a soft spot for ice cream (not to mention sorbet, ice lollies and even slushies). We love sharing our own recipes plus the best from fellow bloggers.

January BSFIC: Dried Fruit & Nuts

Happy New Year! It’s January and I’m sure we can’t be the only household with leftover dried fruit and nuts from the Christmas snack bowls? So this year’s first Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream challenge is to incorporate one or both into an ice cream, sorbet, semi-freddo, slushy or spoom.   Dates by Howard Walfish, ... Read more »

A Quick & Easy Recipe for Chocolate, Amaretto & Amaretti Ice Cream

I love chocolate. I love amaretto liqueur. And I love amaretti (macaroon biscuits). This month, I combined all three to make a very simple, very quick and very delicious ice cream for December’s BSFIC booze challenge. Incidentally, whilst amaretti biscuits are traditionally made from almonds, amaretto liqueur, which has a similar almond flavour, is commonly ... Read more »

December BSFIC: Booze!

It’s December – the month of indulgence, when we tend to eat and drink far too much and regret it (only slightly) in the new year. So I am going with the flow and inviting you to create something boozy for this month’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream. I’m full of ideas… from a variation ... Read more »

November BSFIC: Savoury

Perhaps you’re wondering whether I’m a little insane? Inviting people to continue making ice cream in this kind of weather… when a short stint outside chills us to the bone and we are dreaming of steaming soups, warming stews and huge mugs of hot chocolate. But what I say in response is this: ice cream ... Read more »

October BSFIC: Japan!

I can see your eye brows knitting together. “But… Japan’s not an ice cream flavour!!!” Well no, you’re right, it isn’t. But what I’m requesting for this month’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream are ice creams (or sorbets, lollies or other frozen treats) that are inspired by Japan. You can go for Japanese flavours such ... Read more »