The Boot Inn, Barnard Gate: Now this is what I call roadside dining!

Pausing for lunch on the road can be a hit and miss affair. Even the better service stations aren’t exactly thrilling and pubs on A roads aren’t always a better option.

But in the last year or so, we’ve made three stops at The Boot Inn in Barnard Gate and been rewarded with a delicious lunch and warm service, every time.

This beautiful pub is just a 30 second diversion off the A40, about half way between London and Cheltenham. It’s also handy for those travelling to South Wales via the A40 route – we can’t be the only ones that sometimes choose a slightly longer journey over the monotony of the motorways?

On our last visit, the starter I fancied was sold out, and others struck me as too heavy – I hankered after something light and fresh. I expressed interest in the pear, walnut and stilton salad listed as a main and was quickly offered a half portion as a starter. Perfect!

My steak sandwich with sautéed onions came with crispy French fries and a really tasty, well dressed side salad, all for £7.95. Flavoursome meat, good quality bread… it was magnificent!

Pete’s three egg omelette and fries (£7.50) was generous, filling and tasty.

On previous visits we’ve enjoyed The Boot Inn’s burger, which comes with bacon, smoked applewood cheese and fries, as well as a range of other dishes from the menu and the daily specials board.

There are tables outside, for when the weather is warmer, or you can stay warm and toasty inside. Reservations are accepted, so book in advance for busy weekends.

Do yourself a favour and swap your stale service station sandwich and dishwater coffee for a lovely pub lunch instead!

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7 Comments to "The Boot Inn, Barnard Gate: Now this is what I call roadside dining!"

  1. Miss Whiplash

    I wish we knew where more of these places were… Someone should make an app or something!

    We've managed to stumble onto a few good off the motorway places over the years, but generally more by luck than judgement.

    It would be great to have a list of the nice ones. SO much better than the giant service stations of doom.

  2. Laura@howtocookgoodfood

    This looks like a brilliant find of which there should be more. I always dread the motorway journeys and have taken to making up sandwiches etc. to avoid the dreaded service stations.
    Let's hope more of these gems appear!

  3. Jen

    Damn! I wish I'd known about this in September when I went on holiday in Hay-on-Wye. Had the most disgusting coffee and panini in a service station Starbucks en route from London.


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